I always look at language as an alien and mechanical force that possesses and utilizes the human body to manifest itself to the world. Language isn’t ours, we simply BORROW and uses it…

We are born INTO this matrix of discourse we called “language”, and that most of our thoughts and actions are guided and shaped by it as it forcefully inserts itself into our bodies by means of our parents and cultural upbringings. But every word and sentence that we ever utter out through out our life time had already existed, as a force external to our bodies, way before we were born. And when we die, this alien force leaves our bodies, releases itself back into the atmosphere in order to look for new hosts to manifest itself with.

So language and the human body use each other in a symbiotic relationship, much like the way a shark and the cleaner fish use each other for their own benefits while benefiting the other party as means. So this begs the question of how much of what we think is “us” really belongs to us, if a large proportion of what makes up who we are and what we do or say are guided by an alien force that doesn’t really belong to us to begin with? (not to mention that it’s already been used millions of times, and will be used by millions of others in the future). I think the only people that are immune to this possession is the deaf and the mute. That’s one good (or bad ) thing about being dumb or deaf or retarded…language wouldn’t be able to penetrate your body and turn you into a puppet.