A lot of people ask me what I think of abortions. My answer is that I don’t think there’s anything wrong with abortions, no matter what stage in the pregnancy you are in. A lot of people view baby killing as horrendous, and would NOT hesitate to save baby’s life over an older person’s. But I think babies are overrated, and that people give them way too much credit than they deserve (like pets). They are irrational and mindless assholes who do nothing but cry and scream when their basic desires and needs are not satisfied. Babies are also the most “violent” people. They kick, scream, and bite more often than older people do, and if you happen to give 2 babies knives or guns, they will probably kill each other with them. In fact, if I could choose between saving a baby’s life or an older person’s (a semi-accomlished and healthy person who hasn’t done anything incriminating), I would probably save the latter.

Consider the so-called “Crying baby dilemma”. You are hiding from enemy soldiers with fellow villagers in a basement during wartime. You cover your baby’s mouth to stop the sound of his crying. If you remove your hand, the soldiers will hear, and all of you will be killed. Is it permissible to smother your baby to death to save yourself and the villagers?

Most people find this dilemma troubling to resolve, and would probably opt for saving the baby. But I would not hesitate to kill the baby if the killing is quick and painless, because then the baby doesn’t really suffer much at all. Part of what makes death so frightening and full of suffering is the idea and the expectation of it. (If we are talking about painless death). Therefore, the hardest part of death comes from knowing that it will happen to you and the realization that you will lose everything precious to you in your life, including accumulated memories, accomplishments in life, friendships, people you’ve helped out and influenced etc. In other words, the act of waiting to die is the most tormenting part about death. This is why I think a baby shouldn’t and couldn’t suffer if you kill it because they have yet to have the concept of death, nor do they have anything valuable and precious, like memories and friends, to lose. On top of it, babies haven’t accomplished anything worthwhile, all they are are dependable crying monsters that suck mommies dry. So why should we save a baby’s life over an older person’s and view their lives as valuable as most people make them to be?