I came across a small lump of human muscle the other day on my way back from class; it was probably a portion of the gluteus maximas.  But there it was, just sitting in the middle of the street with a few flies buzzing over it.  I took it home and placed it in the corner of my bathroom.  I don’t know what made me do this initially, but I began ejaculating on it every night when I masturbated in the shower.  Little did I know, my haphazard and seemingly arbitrary action became a necessity in the months to come, as my semen quickly nurtured that lump of muscle as it started growing at a rapid rate.  Different muscle groups started to develop and form, and they were nice and strong and were ripped to the bones without a single ounce of fat. Although the muscles were mature as a whole (it had all the right parts and muscle groups and was looking very strong in its totality), the way the muscles were arranged and structured was quite messed up. All the muscle groups were in the wrong places.  It was as if somebody took Ronnie Coleman, ripped his muscles off of his bones piece by piece and re-configured and rearranged and restructured them in a random fashion.

One day there was a storm in the area, and I was trapped in my house for days. Since I never watched the news, I did not expect nor did I prepare for the arrival of this small disaster. I ran out of food quickly.  However, the thought of taking a bite out of that pile of muscles came to mind and sounded like a pretty delicious idea. I took a knife and cut off a small portion of that muscle lump and stuffed it down my throat. It wasn’t bad at all, as it tasted very much like juicy beef tendons.

Over the next few months I started eating that good old pile of muscles. I didn’t have to eat a lot of it to get full. In fact, I only had to take a few bites out of it each morning in order to function energetically for the rest of the day. Soon afterwards, I stopped spending money on food all together and relied solely on these muscles for nutrients. My body had begun to transform itself as well. I started to lose fat and gained muscle mass at an enormous rate. In just 2 months I gained 30 pounds of pure muscles, grew more confident, and was picking up more girls at the club. I continued to nurture my muscle lump with my semen, and not surprisingly, along with my rapid physical development, my semen increased both in quality and in quantity (and with it, my reproductive success and sexual dominance).

The relationship between me and the muscle lumps was a reciprocal feedback loop, as we both took turns nurturing each other to make each other stronger, bigger, and healthier. It was a mutual dependency that only a strong bonded couple could have felt and shared, and we took advantage of each other to the fullest degrees.  A few months later, the muscles had grown to occupy half of my bathroom, and I had gained 50 pounds of pure muscles without having to hit the gym.  I had transformed from a 130 pound scrawny bastard who had no luck with women, to a solid, confident hunk with veins popping out of his arms, necks and legs. All my friends were wondering what in the world I was on, but I just smiled and shrugged it off.

Sometimes I would try to use my knowledge and skill as a sculptor to put the different/scattered muscle parts and pieces in the right places.  However, I always gave up after a few attempts because the arrangement of the muscle lumps was just too jumbled up, and the parts too complicated and disjointed to be fixed up in the right matter. I tried talking to the muscle pile, but apart from slight and erratic breathing patterns, it showed no signs of intelligence.  The pile of muscles had no motivation and no desires, and it was almost completely immobile. It just “sat” there in my bathroom as a completely mindless piece of shit.

What I could say was that it was a “meathead” to the max.  But I dare not to underestimate its intrinsic ability and power, for if it took on a human form with a little bit of motor and cerebral intelligence, it could probably out lift and beat up anybody on the planet. You could say that my muscle lump was the opposite of a disembodied mind – it was disembodied flesh. Just as disembodied spirits need to take on the form of a flesh to be fully realized; this disembodied flesh needed a soul to be installed into its being in order to function…Right now it was merely a lump of potentiality, waiting to be actualized.

One day I brought a girl home from the night club. Just before we had sex, she said she wanted to go to piss. I was too drunk to remember that there was a giant lump of muscle mass in my bathroom to warn her about. The next thing I heard was a loud scream, and then she grabbed her clothes and ran out of my house in terror.

A few weeks later, it disappeared. I came home from school and it just wasn’t there anymore, as it vanished like fart in the wind. I looked everywhere for it, but I knew it was useless because it could not have crawled out of the bathroom and move on its own. Disappointed, I went on with my life – I went to school, sculpted, taught the violin, hit the gym occasionally, and partied on the weekends.

However, without that pile of muscles to nurture me, I recessed and diminished both mentally and physically. With my friend gone, I lost most of the muscle mass that I gained, and with it, my confidence level. On top of it all, I began to get sick, as I would vomit everyday, felt dizzy, even passed out and had unexpected seizures from time to time… (to be continued).