The universe waited a long time for it to see itself, for before consciousness was evolved, the universe doesn’t really know what itself looks like. So you could say that consciousness is the mirror in which the world sees itself…an instrument in which the universe can examine itself and reflect upon its own nature by folding back on itself. But just as a mirror only carves out and frames a tiny portion of space and time at any given instance, and is only able to reflect parts and fragments of wholeness, consciousness is an imperfect and incomplete representation of the world. Consciousness therefore, reinforces a nominalist view of the universe when it looks back upon itself, as consisting of small units of infinite possibilities and becomings. Through consciousness, the world tends to become a series of unrelated, freestanding particles. In other words, consciousness makes the universe atomic and opaque, and denies the interconnectivity and continuity of a larger unit. So with our consciousness as mirrors, the universe views itself with the illusion of wholeness, but it actually chops itself into pieces THROUGH men who think their feelings, desires, and thoughts are something separated from the rest.

Perhaps consciousness needs to integrate the different parts of itself in order for the world to see itself as more complete set of the whole…to see that we are not put INTO the world, separate from it, but we come OUT of it. We are literally of the world, not separate substances that somehow looks at the world from a subject perspective. The materialities of our entities are places and moments IN the world, not something that is put ON top of it. We are the universe “universing”, just as apples are apple trees “appling”. I think when we can all learn to think our place in the world in this way, we can free ourselves from a sort of prison that separates and divides each one of us into discreet and mechanical parts that cannot interact with each other. And if we are able to leave our prison cells and integrate ourselves and immerse ourselves with each other (and of the world), we can widen our circle of compassion to embrace more of the world that we come out of. I think globalization and the internet is slowly connecting the parts because the world is becoming more analogous and the people are becoming more alike. Soon, everyone will be connected. Everybody’s skin, flesh, hair, visceral, consciousness and mind content will be blurred and merge into one another, where one never knows exactly what or where anything is, who anyone is, or where one person begins and another ends.  This is when consciousness, as an instrument in which the world uses to see itself becomes not tiny little mirrors that sees itself incompletely, but the world ITSELF, looking directly at its own being with minimum filters and illusions.  



Do you idealize your romantic partners by thinking about them more eagerly when they are not physically around?  Isn’t it faire to say that sometimes you fall in love not so much with the person herself, but with the IDEA and the MEMORIES of her (or the idea of love itself)?  Reductively, this means that you are merely falling in love with yourself, because it is YOUR neurons that are generating these ideas and memories that you cling on to and are in love with… This partly explains why people say that love is self-centered. 


Relying on similar ontology, it bothers and turns me off sometimes when I try to masturbate to my own imaginations (or memories of my past sexual experiences) because ultimately, I’m really just getting off to electric signals and neural chemicals. It is not my ex girlfriend that I am getting turned on by, but MY OWN mental representation of that person as an idea that is generated by my own consciousness by computational algorisms and symbol manipulations.  This makes masturbation completely self-absorbing and self-enticing.  You could also say that the act of masturbating to the imagination is a play of your two selves, as consciousness splits itself in half, with one half of it acting as the director and producer of the mental pornography that you are masturbating to, while the other half of your consciousness watches the product simultaneously.