Frank Yang – Real Orgasm (alternate/cum throwing ending)

Okay, so I made another version of the masturbation video. But youtube took it down. You can see why if you watch it until the end for a surprise ending.

Here is a video clip of me masturbating to orgasm on my roof at 6 am in the morning on Tuesday, February 22, 2011.

I wanted to find a way to broadcast an orgasm on Youtube while staying completely PG and not getting flagged.

I stared directly at the viewer as if I am getting off to YOU, specifically and privately. I hope my decision to use an extreme close up shot can create a sense of intimacy that could not be achieved otherwise.

Each time this video is loaded, there is a good chance that I will release another load (pun intended) for whoever it is that decided to play this video. But that is not a given, for it is entirely up to you to decide whether to bring me to orgasm or not, and you have the power to let me cum by watching this video in its entirety.

Each person who plays this video will have a different version/interpretation/feeling in regards to its form and content, so if 1000 people play this video, I will be masturbating 1000 times in a 1000 different versions for 1000 different people. But I will only get off to a limited number of people, for not everyone will be kind and considerate enough to watch this video in its entirety in order to let me finish.

I tried to cum within a minute because I know that most people nowadays don’t have enough attention span to sit through a longer video. By intentionally compressing, thus reducing my erotic pleasure due to technological and artificial forces from the outside, I am stressing the issue of the libido suppression experienced by the modern man under social and economical pressure.

By capturing only my head, I am not only cleverly avoiding being censored, but I am, at the same time, highlighting the cerebral and intellectual aspect of masturbation, where the roles of the imagination, fantasy, and altered state of consciousness of the brain play a crucial role in any masturbation sessions.

In other words, I wanted to stress the role of the MIND in masturbation instead of the BODY. I wanted to abstract the physical aspect of masturbation and sex and present it in conceptual way through its MENTALITY, rather than its PHYSICALITY.
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