The paradox of bodybuilding is that it is ultimately an exercise of metaphysics that unfolds back on itself…where the immateriality and materiality of the self become tangled in a dialectic dance of destruction and creation.

To build muscles, one has to overcome the body with the mind – to transcend over the corporality of the flesh through the spiritual exploitation of the will. However, the more the mind is in command, the bigger, the more beasty the body becomes. The increase in the physical realm automatically calls for an increase in the mental realm and vice versa. When the body becomes bigger, it takes over the overall proportion of the self to dominate the mind. The mind then has no choice but to insert more power upon the body in order for itself to regain control.

The ironic part is that this very process of “mind over matter” only leads to the growth of more matter to overcome. In other words, the mind attempts to destroy the body in order to free itself from its material trappings. However, the mere act of destruction only generates more physicality to prevail over, where the spirit’s very own act of transcendence actually re-renders itself to become its very own act of imprisonment. So at the end of the day, mind and matter become tangled in a feedback loop that attempts to destroy, while at the same time, establishing and creating their very own opposites.