Everytime a song got stuck in my head, I ask myself: I hate this song…but apparently SOMEBODY’S gotta like it. Who the fuck is that somebody? One half of my consciousness is playing the song, but the other half hates it.It’s like the idea of self-control-there really is no such concept,since if you are in control, then another part of you is automatically defeated. So no matter what, you will always lose(or win).


The best way for me to train the body is to turn it into a SIGN,so that the flesh no longer exists, but is transcended into an algorism that can easily be estimated, manipulated,calculated,added on and subtract from by numbers and symbols. I even scrutinize my plate with the eyes of a biochemist–seeing not steak but units of amino acid intakes,not bread but complex carbohydrates,not fish but omega 3 fatty acids.


I don’t think I’ve ever experienced true hunger. Eating in affluent societies is dictated by custom and routine rather than hunger. Animals eat when their stomachs tell them to eat. But humans eat when the CLOCKS tell them to eat. This makes hunger a collective phenomenon, since the times that attach to meals belong to everyone, unlike the sensation of hunger, which is private.


One way to test out whether or not your romantic relationship will work out is to go to the movies and see if you like the same films.  

Your taste of films tells me more about who you are than your preference for any other aesthetic art forms. I think this is why all my previous relationships failed. All of my exes forced me to watch chick flicks, but fell asleep when I showed them Lost in Translation.

In fact, I used show girls one film at a time on dates to observe how they reacted to see if we are right for each other. If they liked the first film on the first date, I would grant them a second date to screen them another film that I enjoyed. Usually I would start out with something more generous that MOST people would enjoy (Shawshank Redemption, Silence of the Lambs), and then moved on to more abstract and over-the-edge shit as the relationship progressed. Usually by the 5th or 6th films they would finally get tired of it and refuse to come to another date/screening session. It’s like I was using films to weed out girls, or to scratch the surface of their consciousness, layer by layer with each film in order to reveal their true forms and essences. Nobody had made it to Ferlini’s “8 ½” yet, or Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Blow Up” because usually girls start to complain by the 5th scene of “Lost in Translation”.

Film, more than any other art forms, comes closest to the pure nature of THOUGHT because the mind by default thinks in the montage of moving images and sounds rather than in words. Film is the medium of the mind, and when we watch a film, it is like one mind meeting another. This is also why film serves as the vehicle for propaganda. Nothing washes over your brain and captives your mind and emotions and changes the way you think more than films do. In fact, the image making process as a whole is analogous to the cognitive process of thinking. The film projector is your brain, the light that emits from the machine is your consciousness, and the pictures that the light reflected on is your mind.
When I look at Rodin’s sculputure, The Thinker, it always appears to me how ironic it is that a hunk of metal is lost in thoughts. But then it just occured to me that it is just as absurd and surprising to think that the flesh (brain and body) is assumed by default to be the base of the human mind and consciousness.