Creativity and Sex

So I just came across several articles on the correlation between creativity and sex (2 of my favorite endeavors and topics of investigation). It’s not surprising to see that studies have shown the number of sexual partners correlates with creative output of an individual.  The more creative people are, the more sexual partners they usually have.

It seems that the more girls I talk to, the more creative I become, and because I become more creative, it makes it easier for me to pick up more girls and so on (positive cycle).  Indeed, one of the best ways to increase creativity is trying to seduce a girl.  Seduction works the same way as planting an idea in someone’s head like in the movie “Inception”.  

Actually another way to look at the situation is to think of it this way: It’s not illegal to mind-fuck, or mind-rape a girl…which is another way to define seduction.   You have to mind-fuck a person before you can body-fuck her because without inception to manipulate a person’s mindset, it would simply be rape.  I look at each girl I encounter as a piece of puzzle to be solved – something that can be cracked open with the right techniques, and the more creative you are, the more ideas you are able to think up to pull and push all the levers to unlock her body.   

It’s not just that artists and musicians and poets can show off their works to attract females, it’s the innovative ways that they approach them that make the difference.  This makes me think of Bruce Lee’s cliché advice; to “BE LIKE WATER”.  You have to be receptive like water when you talk to a girl because different girls want different things from you.  But if you are able to be flexible, you are able to re-create yourself on the spot to adapt to the forms and contents and needs of each individual female.   If you want to crack open a girl’s vagina, you have to first crack open her skull by blowing or incepting her mind with ideas.