1. Grandpa is sleeping on his couch with his mouth opened.You can either 1.Cum in his mouth 2.NOT cum in his mouth.If you choose 1,he will be immune from death,but nobody would ever know his immortality was linked to you.Not only that, your family, including Grandpa himself would hate you forever.If you choose 2,he will die instantly,but nobody would ever know his death was linked to your choice. Which would you choose?

2. I want to sew off my best friend Alexander Kang and my sister Shih Zu Yang’s heads, stitch/switch them up and then watch them makeout.

3. When I read something in silence, whose voice is it that’s speaking through me in my head??  It certainly doesn’t sound like my voice. IF that voice comes from ME, then I wouldn’t need to generate or hear it because it’s already IN me and I would have already known it to be…but if it doesn’t come from me, where does it come from?  Perhaps it’s a Universal Voice, programmed by X and X… which sounds the same inside every brain.

4. As long as you are alive, life is always incomplete. What’s missing is death. It’s only through death that a life can complete and close itself.

5. Now that I am back in shape once again, I ironically, actually feel closer to death. When you intellectualize and make art, you can pretty much do so your entire life, even on your death bed. But the life of an athlete is much shorter…the body withers away and dissolves a lot faster than the mind. The mind can become better with age, while the body dissipates with it.

6. I can’t stand it when athletes brag about God when they win as if nobody in the other team prayed.LOL at Jason Terry for thinking that God helped him win as if God,the all MIGHTY,for some incomprehensible reason,cares about the Mavs but not the Heat.What kind of selfish garbage is that,thinking that he is more valuable in God’s eyes than the thousands of Heat’s fans and players who prayed just as hard as he did

7. I have to listen to an average top 40 song for about 100 times before I am conditioned to like it, and by the 102nd time I grow sick of it. So I can really only enjoy each song once.

8. If you think you are too fat or too skinny but are too lazy to hit the gym or go on a diet,turn to phenomenology:be AGNOSTIC about the status of your body apart from consciousness.Since you can’t make a translation from say,my BODY that’s apart from consciousness and consciousness itself,change your status of your consciousness will be just as good as changing the status of your body.


On Being “Yourself”. 

I don’t understand why some people try so hard to “be themselves” as if there is a solid ego (core) that you are entitled to act in accordance to. The human psych is much too complex and heterogeneous for that. You should act differently in front of different people under different context because fluctuation is the essence of the self. Actually I shouldn’t use the word “essence” to describe the Self because the self is always slipping out of your fingertips whenever you try to grasp and hold on to it. In other words, there is no “core self” or a “core ego”, so why bother trying so hard to always act one way and not the others and sticking to an illusion that doesn’t really exist?

People who always try to hold on to the same “identity” and then call themselves and pride themselves for being “real” are the real fakers because you just can’t stick to the same persona under different situations, and if you do, then that’s a form of pretention to me.

Even IF there is an “ego” that sits in the core of our psych, I think it’s mindlessly BORING (not to mention very exausting) to always perform the same act day in and day out. Categorizing the Self as being “real” or “fake” is one of the most useless duality/categorizations I can think of. It’s much more interesting and creative and lively if you can apply yourself differently under different circumstances because such flexibility and the ability to adapt is what make us human. Therefore, to be fully human is to be constantly acting a part to be-for-others. Human beings are being-for-others who are social by default. The Self can only arise with others, through other people’s eyes and perspectives and opinions. Anybody who “doesn’t give a shit” about what others think and those who think that they are being “real” by acting “true to themselves” are not just fakers, but selfish and pompous as well.

Since our identities only arise out of interactions with others, we NEED other people’s perspectives and opinions to complete us and make us fuller and more mature. So those people who disregard other people’s opinions and think that it’s more important to act as if they “don’t give a shit” about how others think are the real assholes. They DO care about what other people think…that’s why they act as if they don’t in the first place (most of them make it pretty clear that that is their intention, and they go around telling people that they don’t give a shit about other people’s opinions).

They want other people to think that they don’t care what other people think…and that to me, is more fake and pretentious than people who take other people’s opinions into considerations and act accordingly to other’s needs because their acts of pretention (the I don’t give a shit attitude) is double folded, paradoxical, self contradictory, and ultimately self-defeating and impossible. Whenever you go around and try to push other people’s opinions away so that you can “act yourself” by ignoring and discounting an audience, you are PRESUPPOSING the fact that there IS an audience for you to push away before (or after) you act out and perform your “I don’t give a shit” attitude to in the first place. So for those people who take pride in “being themselves” because they are too cool to “give a shit about what other people think”….FUCK YOU.