-There’s a certain sense of “fallingness”, disability, and powerlessness in female fashion,especially if you want to look slutty.High heels cripple, cleavage indicates vulnerability, and the way dresses fall off of the shoulder expresses a process of “breaking apart”.This dramatization of vulnerability becomes a way for women to “hand over” their power to men. And by disabling themselves into hopeless objects, they provide, for men, the source of desire.

Men’s fashion usually symbolizes “work” and the ability to succeed. While women become SEX objects for men, men are SUCCESS objects for women. When we put on their uniform (say a suit) it automatically represent, symbolically, the notion of work and success. Even jeans, something that we wear casually today, was something of a work uniform for railroad workers back in the day.

-The photograph is a means to the end of seeing its subject. A painting, on the other hand, the subject is the means to the end of its own representation. If one finds a photograph beautiful, it is because one thinks the subject in it is beautiful. A painting may still be beautiful even when the subject is represents is ugly.