Intelligent Dumbbells.

I hate putting on weights in the gym and trying to figure out how much I can lift. Why can’t weights be alive and intelligent and THINK for me? I want a dumbell that is conscious, and can read my mind/body and figure out how much I can lift on any given set and change size/shape organically and instantly along with my current state of strength and conditioning level. You don’t even need the gym that way. Just one dumbell that you can put back inside your pocket when you are done training. you will never fail your lifts this way… and growth will be guaranteed. The intelligent weight will watch over you. It will be your most optimum coach/training partner/friend/

There could be a symbiotic relationship between your intelligent weight and your body. The stronger you get, the bigger it gets to be. The two of you can feed off of each other in terms of energy and use each other for motivation…and you can also show off your dumbell/weight with other lifters like dog lovers who show off and compare whose dogs are bigger.

And maybe if you slack off and stop working out your dumbell and “feeding” it energy through your hard work, it could find a new master. So if you want your dumbell to stay loyal to you, you have to constantly work it out to keep it at your side. I can already imagine all those fatards and weak faggots losing their dumbells because they are all lining up to be squatted by me.

the richest men in the world hire maids and servers and cooks and what not to work for them. In that way, they are depended on them. But that doesn’t take away the work that they do. Plus, their dependency on stupid crap like cleaning toilets are justified because they are already accomplished. I am an accomplished lifter whose work out partners are mostly too weak to even rack my weights properly or spot me without pussying out . I had earned my rights as a lifter for a master to slave relationship between me and my weights.