– So I have been revisiting scenes from movies when I used to watch repeatedly as a kid (mid 80s to mid 90s), (Jurassic park, Lion King, Tim Burton’s Batman, etc) on Youtube. It’s a a fun, emotional and intellectual exercise to do. It makes you feel sad and nostalgic, both young and old, and at the same time it’s a good yardstick to measure how much you and the world had changed. Some of those scenes that used to make me cry and have goosebumps turned out to be garbage while I look at them from my newly found, existential and nihilistic perspective LOL. And it’s surreal when those heroic protagonists, people who I used to admire because I thought they were huge and ripped suddenly turned out to be much, much smaller than they were in my memory…

*a note on Scar from Lion King…

Speaking of Scar, I actually liked him a lot as a kid. I secretly rooted for him. But the other side of me, in order to conform to society’s standard of morality, rooted for Moufasa and Simba. I was torn between the two sides for a long time, the inner turmoil drove me nuts and I almost had a psychological breakdown at one point. I felt guilty for this, and I never told anyone this…until now.

-Facebook is doing a really good job letting us know what’s going on with everybody else. But when is it going to let us know who masturbated to whose pictures? People always comment under my photos that they are fapping to this and that, but how do I know if it’s for real?

“94 friends masturbated to this” would be more of a ego-booster than 94 likes… or Along with “tagged” photos, there could be “fapped” photos…and if you discovered that the girl you jacked off to is actually a fat bitch in real life, then you can simply “unfap” yourself and give back your orgasm

comment : I dont think its any generations right too “claim” a fucking childrens movie.

reply: The collective consciousness of a generation can give rise and somehow contribute to the production of art/film/politics of that generation. There’s a reason why people in today’s generation listen to rap and hip pop, and why people hundreds of years ago listened to Mozart. The production company gives the audience what it wants, and what it wants depend largely on the trend/hobbies/thought process/economic and political standpoint/worldview of a given generation, which is the result of individual consciousness that give rise to the collective whole…But keep in mind that it’s not a one-way thing. The individual feeds on the collective, just as the collective feeds on the individual. The movie industry makes movies in accordance with what we want, and what we want also depends on what kind of things they give us to chew on…So it’s a 2 way, inter-dependent street that operates in a loop, with the parts giving rise to the other in a dynamic feedback loop