Sometimes, it is hard for me to understand why some people are so concerned about keeping everything super nice, neat, organized all the freaking time. I dated this girl who had to fold all her clothes in perfect squares, stash up her books perfectly straight up and perpendicular to the shelf, and make sure that every corner is dustless and it drove me nuts.

It’s a law of nature that things evolve towards chaos and randomness. The order of the system of the room might be increased as you deliberately try to go against nature by being a neat freak; but by wasting energy cleaning your room, you are pouring and replacing the same amount of, if not more disorder back into the atmosphere by burning calories and releasing heat during the physical labor of cleaning. Since it’s harder for things to appear and become even “messier” after the state of disorder reaches beyond a certain point, you can generally leave clean up once in a while without noticing too much additional chaos and disorder. On the contrary, neat freaks who have to see things super organized constantly can never get over their obsessive actions and neurotic mindsets because they are in need of repeatedly repressing the flow of nature, since any minor variation will cause a super organized system to seem a lot more random and disorganized than its initial symmetry.

It’s hard for me to build something that collapses the moment you accomplish it. Since you are bound to create disorder no matter what you do, these people should pour and re-direct that time and energy and disorder into something else that’s more worthwhile and creative a d rewarding; which can be something more sustainable such as writing a poem or painting a picture. Going in circles by making your room looking the same and keeping it organized everyday isn’t all that rewarding to me. I’d rather go with the flow/chaos of nature. clean and organize and control but if u sweat it overboard then it’s a waste of time.

Similar concept can be applied to bodybuilding and getting your body to look “shredded” and “cut. I used to stay at around 4-5 percent body fat all year round. And just like a really neat room that needs constant cleaning and grooming to stay that way, my body constantly and tenaciously needed a super strict diet/exercise routine to stay that lean. That took a lot out of me. I was psychologically depleted and was pissed off all the time because I was inserting too much self control over my body, mind, and life. I also felt like I deserved a lot more for the work that I had put in. I was pissed off that I wasn’t getting any pussy, and the more psychologically damaged I was, the less appealing I was with people. I also realized that Girls actually like it better when you aren’t so fucking anal bout your diet. I remember when i was staying at 4- 5 percent all year round, I would go on dates and when we order food and whenever I tell them that I don’t eat carbs because I wanted to preserve aesthetics, they get pretty turned off…Plus, there’s a study that shows that when you are inserting too much self control over your body and life, you are more likely to get pissed off (it’s called “ego depletion).

A couple of years ago, I decided to “let go” and just eat whatever I wanted. Now I wasn’t eating fried chicken and pizza everyday, but compared to my old, obsessive compulsive diet and attitude towards preserving a super aesthetic looking physique, I was pretty much in the “not-give-a-fuck” mode in regards to diet. I was still training decently hard in the gym, but because I wasn’t strict on my diet, my body-fat increased to about 7-10 percent through out the year. And I discovered that I still looked pretty decent compared to normal folks (people who don’t squat or deadlift), and like a room that’s moderately clean, but not terribly messy and needed little work, once in a while, to preserve that state of order/disorder, I could basically, and actually ENJOY life while still staying reasonably lean and healthy without having to eat clean every single meal. Once I had reached a certain set point, or level of equilibrium in terms of body-fat percentage, it’s actually quite hard to get fatter without deliberately putting on extra weight because you are going with the flow of the nature of your body.

So take into the consideration of cost and benefit and the mind-body dichotomy (how much of each you should sacrifice for your overall being and health), I prefer my current lifestyle much better. I sacrificed my psychological well being for a good looking physique. But now I am healthy mentally and physically as well. Anyone will tell you that a 8 percent body-fat body is actually healthier, and most of the time, more appealing to the opposite sex than 4 percent physique. Girls find it more attractive when you act like you don’t give a shit about your appearance and physique. But the subtitle to that is you still have to look decently lean and fit. Walking around with 4 percent body fat on you might be great for photo shoot and bodybuilding competitions, but to the opposite sex, you are trying too hard, you are too neurotic, obsessive, uptight, and into yourself. Plus, from an evolutionarily perspective, a body THAT lean just isn’t sustainable, nor is it practical, in the hunting and gathering world.

I still train and had a fit body by most standard (but is nowhere near as “aesthetic” as ZYZZ), and didn’t care very much about bf % or PRs. I drank moderately once or twice a week, partied on occasions, and ate whatever I wanted.

I lost my 4 percent physique and my abs blurred. I stopped wearing beaters to impress when I go out, almost never mention the fact that I work out.

And guess what? I had sex with over 100 girls in less than a year. Why? I was happy, confident, and MENTALLY much healthier than I was when I was OCDing about everything from the number of fish oil I took in the morning to a lack of 2.5 pound PR on a squat workout.

And like a neat freak who wastes energy fighting entropy, I missed out on a lot of good shit (pussies, mostly) because I was using all my energy maintaining something that could collapse easily and naturally anyway. Now I re-direct that energy into other more worthwhile activities.

Now, I know what I have been talking about here can’t be applied to everyone. Some people just have a higher “set point” than others due to genetic factors that are beyond their control. Not everyone can eat whatever they want, workout 2-3 times a week for a hour in each workout and still HAPPILY maintaining less than 10 percent body fat physique. But hey, not everyone get to be an internet superhero.

I can lose fat so fast that I can eat whatever I want, and then just cut down right before an important date/trip to the beach. Sometimes I see a girl on the street, I run to the nearest phone booth (more heat), do some plyometrics and pushups, and come back ripped as fuck to get her number. See, most people get their hair and nail done, buy new shoes or clothes to prepare for things like that. I get shredded.