Is it me, or do you guys also prefer to go to the handicapped and the family bathrooms? They just seem so much cleaner, more serene, friendly, and, passionate. Whenever I piss and shit on those toilets, my wastes feel a sense of belonging as it grows warmer, glow and bloom with love and I feel more righteous.


There are 2 ways to paint a nude, one is to undress your model and paint her the way she is when she is REALLY naked.

The other is to find a woman who is dressed, strip her with your mind, eyes, and brush and paint a nude picture with the imagination by imagining how the sitter would look naked while looking at her when she is fully dressed. (This is also one way to violate someone without them knowing, and then just blame it on art).

This way of depicting someone is, to me, more of a “realism” (at least to the mind) than directly painting a nude woman since men undress women constantly anyway with their eyes and minds.

The second version of a nude is not technically a nude painting, but a “apparition of a nude” within a dressed figure. In other words, her facial expressions, bodily gesture, and state of mind all suggest that she is fully dressed (because she IS)…

So, in a way, she is not naked, but is wearing invisible garments that are only visible to the painter himself. To the spectators who are unaware of this fact, they will simply see a nude painting and that the clothes are not invisible like the way they are in the artist’s mind, but not present at all.

People looking at such a painting will be baffled by it without consciously knowing why. But there is a major difference between a woman wearing invisible clothes (either knowingly if such a technology exist, or unknowingly like the way it is presented only in the mind) and a nude woman.

But I’ve always wanted to do the reverse. To paint dress – find a nude model, starting with painting the underwear and bra, and then cover that up with outer layers of garments because I am all about dressing women up with paint on my canvas because I can’t stand the sight of naked women either in real life or in paintings.

So I am, in a way, exorcising my desires (or lack of it) like ghosts by replacing libido with aesthetics. And since libidos “break” things, and aesthetics “build” things, I am choosing the latter. It isn’t satisfying for me to break things up without personally building them up first.