I like it better when a girl doesn’t put on so much makeup…it looks too heavy, stiff, and fragile. I get scared to touch or kiss them too hard because if I do anything like that to their faces they would shatter.

An overly made up face isn’t sustainable and is bound to fall off and wash away at one point or another and is more likely to fall into the destructive forces like entropy or facials.

Picture this : If you throw a girl with too much make up down a flight of stairs her face would definitely break into little pieces like an expensive vase that isn’t made to be touched or handle without care. A girl without makeup is easier to handle, and you can freely slap and roll them around and they would bounce right back into the same shape – which means if you throw her down the same flight of stairs she would bounce right up like a elastic and flexible rubber ball that you can really have fun.

It also makes me feel farther away and detached both emotionally and physically because a girl with make up is more inaccessible due to that extra layer of divider between our beings…

And on a psychological level, there is also a distance because consciously or subconsciously I am being deceived.

My instinctual “beauty detector” that evolved through millions of years of evolution to spot genetically fit cues on a human face go awry when I see a face that is covered in make up, and what I perceived to be a good candidate to pass on my genes with might not be so good after all…