Today after I left the gym and was waiting for the elevator, a young girl of about 5 years of age commented on my aesthetic. She said “Wow, you have a lot of muscles and a hot body” (I swear she said this), and then stared at me for a good 3 minutes while her parents were next to her, and obviously unaware.

Because of her height, her gaze was directly pinpointed, in a perfectly straight line, at my bulge. And instead of the way all other females my age looking “down” on me to check out my penis, thus making me feel “small” both physically and mentally, this 5 year old girl actually treated me as an equal because her perspective was more correct, since no foreshortening was involved in anyway.

Usually you can’t look at a stranger for more than 5 seconds without turning away in embarrassment or humiliation…

But there was no awkwardness involved because of our age difference, and the fact that a child of that age usually have lesser degree of shame and consciousness made it easier for us to indulge in each others sexuality. It wasn’t sexual tension that adults feel about other strangers who they might find attractive, but a kind of sexual release that can only occur between a grown man of Being and an underdeveloped child of Becoming.

For the same reason that you can strip naked in front of a dog or a baby, (but never in front of your hot female science lab partner) and not feel the slightest disturbance, me and this 5 year old female shared no sense of shame or embarrassment, as I accepted and flattered myself with her comments as freely and intimately as I ever did in my entire life, and I was sure she felt the same way too.

And because of a lack of wall between us, we openly fantasized about and imagined each other mutually: I thought about her thinking about me while masturbating thinking of her who thinks of me thinking of her thinking of me while masturbating when she thought of me thinking about her thinking of me who thinks of her thinking of me thinking of her, and so on, in a feedback loop that spirals upwards into a phantasmagorical cloud.

And when this was all over, she looked at her own reflection at the elevator door and danced provocatively to Rhianna’s remix.

Kids these days.