Some people train their whole bodies, while other people target one or two muscle groups at a given training session. Recently, I have developed a similar style of approach when it comes to bodily hygiene.

For my entire life, I have been washing my entire body. I must have reached a plateau because in recent years I’ve plateaued in terms of hygiene because people have been telling me that my armpits smell a lot worse than my traps and calves, and my anus more oily than my face. So to make progress, I’ve been switching things up now by splitting up my body parts when I shower, as I soup up, scrub, wash, and dry each body part for 30 minutes intricately while varying in types of strokes, speed, techniques, tools, soap and shampoo.

This is the new cycle this month:

Monday : Anus (dynamic circles)
Tuesday: Fingers and Toes (back and forth repetitions)
Wednesday: Armpits (diagonally).
Thursday : Penis and Low Back (max effort taps)
Friday : Chest (slow controlled until skin rips)
Saturday : Stomach (with a spotter, usually my maid)
Sunday : Off

As you can see, I’ve neglected some parts. Hey, some people never train legs 🙂

PS. Legs can be covered by washing other parts like when I wash my crotch and pubes and the water and the soap drip down to the legs to clean it. Kind of like targeting your chest with bench, but your triceps get worked out too.