Frank, what drives you? What is the fuel behind your work ethic, your aspirations and goals. Is it an indescribable feeling that is inherent? Was it developed through rough conditions and experiences growing up? Personally, I often find myself demotivated and plagued by extreme laziness at times. I’m unorganized. I procrastinate and have prevalent tendencies to slack off and take short cuts. Can it be partially attributed to my rather smooth upbringing? Are there methods or systematic ways I can force and train myself mentally to become stronger? Any type of insight / advice is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Fear of aging and death, fear of sexual, emotional, and intellectual deprivation. Fear of getting fat. The push and pull forces from opposite directions like neurosis/psychosis, rejection/conformity, and etc. Why do I fear these things? The combination of genes and how they interact with environment. Nothing is the result of one and not the other. If you know you have the genetic tendency to think and act a certain way, make sure you choose the right kinds of environments in order to make sure that those genes get triggered (or concealed) in the ways and patterns that most suit your goals and needs. Find the things that you are naturally good at and then create and stir yourself into the most suitable space and time that can best nurture those talents. You can be pretty good at something if you try really hard at it with a lot of practice and determination, but if you have shitty genes for it, then you would never become great. If you have awesome natural talent, and aren’t working hard enough or aren’t situated in the right environments, then you can never be great, either. The best find what their natural talents are, and then hone them and pound them as hard as they can in order to expose them and “open” them up to as much environmental pressure as they can to stimulate growth.Also, there’s nothing wrong with taking short cuts. But make sure the cuts lead to the main road. Pick the right short cuts, and prepared to be as motivated as you can in finding other paths quickly and fiercely without loosing sight of the main road. The best way to stay motivated is to enjoy the process and not worry too much about the end result. Let the end goal be the by product of a process that you enjoy. It’s important to think about your goals in the long run and organize your process and route to that goal, but don’t get too caught up with it. It’s not just a bottom to top progress, but the reverse direction as well. For instance, when I had a goal of achieving a 40 inch vertical, I didn’t just wake up and say to myself “ok, it’s time to go to the gym and get that 40 inch”. Long term goals like that need to be accomplished in increments and chunks of little goals that glue to other chunks of smaller successes to create bigger chunks of bigger successes, and so on.

    • So for example, I would focus on one rep at a time, making sure that I was enjoying and lifting the best rep that I can possibly perform. Each rep automatically adhere together to form a set, sets form an exercise, and several different exercises cohere together to take the shape of a particular workout. Over time, different workouts combine together to form cycles, and etc.

      The entire process go up from the micro to the macro and back down again in feedback loops that are reciprocal and simultaneous, where hopefully if you do things right, along the way, stresses will be created, adaptions take place, and eventually progressions occur.

      Keep in mind that progresses usually aren’t linear, but organically occurring from different places and time as parts that will eventually find their places and settle to form bigger parts. So when I jumped 40 inches, several different aspects of my life, which all go through the same organic and non-linear process of coalition and progression I described above all came together as a assembly that eventually sang my 40-inch song in harmony.

      So, It’s not just the stuff that’s going on in the gym, or in my body, and I wasn’t only paying attention to my workouts and how much protein I ate. I was concealing parts of myself, while at the same time disclosing myself to pull out and put back different areas and was playing around with different puzzle pieces of my life and see how they can all fit together to form a more concrete shape and form that can best resemble the “goal” or the “image” of jumping 40 inches.

      With all that said, I’m actually pretty lazy too if I don’t care about what I’m doing. Which goes back to finding what you love to do. And usually what you would enjoy the most are things that you are good at, and as fore-mentioned, the things that you are awesome at are things that not only are you naturally good at, but operations that can be carried out and performed and situated in the right places, at the right time for maximum developments.

      But at the end of the day, I just want to provide the LOLz while shocking people with stuff that they have never seen or heard before. In short, that really is the driving force behind almost everything that I do. To shock people’s consciousness so they can shift it out of their normal ways of thinking and feeling through WTF moments that are hopefully entertaining, provocative, and stimulating at the same time.