M:I – Tom Cruise Sprinting

I saw Mission Impossible 4 and it was awesome. fasted 2 hours of my life, which made me feel a lot older when I walked out of the theater. 

I can’t get the image of Tom Cruise sprinting out of my head.

He runs fast as hell, and in the same way in every movie. But you don’t hear that criticized. You usually say, so and so acts the same in every movie. But you never hear so and so sprints the same way in every movie.

But that’s what I love about Tom Cruise.  

If you run in such an idealized and perfect form, then you automatically earned the essential right to run the same every time. No matter what role Tom Cruise plays, when he runs, it’s his essential alter ego that lives through all of us that does the running.

Tom Cruise is the fastest man in Hollywood. It’s weird and surreal to see such a beautiful man with status like that sprint so fast.

Usually you see ripped and wild black guys with thuggish nostrils in shorts sprint like that. You take it for granted that at top speed their expressions become distorted and tiny muscles on their faces go haywire.

But It breaks my heart to see Tom Cruise taking his dedicate playboy face to the limit as it stretches beyond its kinetic potentiality and design.

I can imagine his mother going: Tom, you are a good looking boy, be a model and an actor. And then he goes No! mom, I want to be a professional sprinter! And then his dad goes, OK Tom, you can sprint in Hollywood. 

I wonder what his 40 yard dash time is. 

I am going to have a dream tonight:

It’s the Olympics. 100 meter dash is on. A black man beats all other black men by .1 second and I said, there we go again. And then still crossing the finish line, he rips of his face mask and then it is Tom Cruise inside! The Mission Impossible Theme comes on and washes through the stadium, as he receives a gold Academy Award statuette for winning the race.

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