Bodybuilding vs Filmmaking

So i just realized how similar bodybuilding and film making is.

You build up a bunch of mass, and then shred off the fat for a show.

In films you shoot as much footage as you can, good and bad – and then trim off the bad clips to reveal the final aesthetic structure that gets released in theater.

Which reminds me of the way old films are edited, where the trimmed off film strips actually fall onto the floor of the editing room. I always wanted to pick up the outtakes from the greatest films and string together all the worse takes.

Now you get digital editing systems that just vaporizes the outtakes like the way fat gets burned off into the atmosphere.
It’s gotta go somewhere though…into the director? The audience? The critics?

Whenever I lose fat on the body, it goes to my ego and then I have to find other ways to shred it off. Ejaculation is the most practical way. But when that doesn’t work I do this : I write nonsense and make art that looks like fat or covert it back into muscle with heavy lifting.

FUCK i wish my fat can just fall on the gym floor like old film strips and then someone can pick it up and pile up version of me that is Pure Fat.