WOke up this morning, was going to the gym but someone linked me to another one of those retarded video about women complaining that media is trying to get girls to loo a certain way and how that gets in their ways success.


NOw i have to delay my work out to straighten out those blank slate whining bitches:

– The internet isn’t a “new” enemy that is rotting young people’s brain. Before the internet there were radio and television and people were saying the exact same thing. In fact, I am more willing to say that internet is making us more intelligent, social, and peaceful.


– People want to look beautiful because that’s the way our brains are designed through millions of years of evolution. Cosmetic and plastic surgery are all just means of highlighting and enlarging beauty cues that indicate good genetics. There’s nothing wrong with this. We live in a time where we can “improve” on nature and you see it everywhere. Deal with it because we will always take advantage of this as long as our genetics are disposed to it.

We are not talking about using nuclear bombs to “improve” our hard-wire desire for violence (yes that exists too), we are talking about teenage girls putting on make up damn it. FUCK where’s the harm in that?

– Media doesn’t just “change” the brain overnight. You can’t just fucking change genetic mutation through a decade of Youtube and Facebook. It’s not like people in the past didn’t have the desire to improve physical aesthetics. What did you think TV were like in the 50s and 60s?

We created this kind of media because of the way our brains are intrinsically designed to seek beauty, not the other way around. And if you go back to the past and give our stone age ancestors youtube they are still going to surf porn. And people for millions and millions of years had been applying paint to the body and face and decorate themselves with shiny objects.

Oh it’s “ART and it’s CULTURE” when people without TV in Africa do it, but it’s “SHALLOW” when modern Americans do it because INTERNET MADE ME THIS WAY!

It’s the oldest form of art. People will apply “make up”” for as long as the species is alive. Deal with it.

– Why do women always complain they aren’t getting the same jobs as men? Again, evolution programmed the two sexes to have different types of brains so they can divide up tasks that best suited the need of the species. Equality is NOT sameness you fucking morons.

There is a fucking intrinsic and biological, HARDWIRED reason why men are more suited for certain jobs and if you try to stick women in those jobs they will struggle for the most part AND VICE VERSA.

How do you fully realize your authentic potential? Understand your brain and body, stick with what you were more inclined to be good at intrinsically, and do it well. If you want to ‘break out the stereotype”, FINE do it. If you succeed, hats to you. But don’t go around thinking that everyone wants to do this and if you fail, don’t just blame the fucking media and the culture.

– Women (human beings in general) are living the most peaceful time in the history of the human race with decline in EVERY category of violence including rape and domestic violence. Fucking housewives and bitches are STILL complaining they are being mistreated and misperceived because some fucker slapped a housewife on BBC?

– Finally, those bitches are using the same tool (media) that they are bashing for their own purposes fucking hypocrites.