i get asked all the time what I think of “Laws of Attractions” like The Secret…well I haven’t read any of those books, but from what I’ve heard people say, this is my response.

1. I don’t believe that thoughts can physically attract other minds and have a direct influence on other people’s thoughts ALONE. I mean the electric signals that are generated by the brain will never be strong enough to cause a direct physical effect on other brains and objects in the world.

However, brains and the thoughts that it generates can directly cause the body move in ways that alter and cause a physical change in the material world.

So if I keep meditating at night that I want to **** my neighbor and then she actually came knocking on my door next week to let me **** her brains out got her to **** brains out, it’s not that my “wishful thinking” “PULLED” her over from her house to mine in the “laws of attraction” style or made her change her thoughts, it’s that my thinking eventually created some sorts of physical movements and cues that she could perceive…and upon those perceptions, her brains produces certain thoughts that moves HER feet to carry her over to your house (hopefully this process isn’t too complicate and that the moves and exchanges you two make can be cut down to minicum LOL).

So put it in detail, thoughts, as brain activities like electricity and the emission of certain types of neurotransmitters send signals down your nervous system that contract the muscles in your mouth to make it move, and also your lungs to generate air so that you can use the totality of those actions to activate the mechanism of speech in order to seduce her with language while making the same mental to physical cause and effect activates other parts of your body – like making my arms move to unbutton her panties.

So yes, thoughts do cause a change in the environment outside of the mind, but not the way those stupid books preach where thoughts ALONE can change things.

You can think all day long if you want, but if you don’t ACT on your thoughts with your body and bump into other bodies to change and behave a certain way, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN! The reason why people think their thoughts alone matter is because thoughts can automatically prime the CNS and cause you to behave and be geared towards the actions that you are thinking about.

The most awesome people THINK and IMAGINE vividly, and then because their thoughts are so “real”, it makes their actions easier when they act out their imaginations in real life, they are also able to ACT in ways that they wish they had acted when those actions were just chemicals in their heads. You won’t get far if you only act and have no thoughts about it
and vice versa when you merely sit in the dark and meditate about making money.

So again, it’s not that your thoughts have the power to suck the dollar bills in the universe…

Your mind’s power is to make you behave in ways that it thinks…

So if you think about money all day, it’s not a coincidence, nor is it fate, that you actually do get richer.

It’s that thinking about money all the time will almost by default either generates your body to “disrupt” and cause a series of events that draw you closer to other thoughts and behaviors that will influence other events in the world (including other people’s behaviors and thoughts) that with all things being equal, increases the general chances of you making more money.