I am going on a hike today. I will pretend that I’m actually walking on an incline treadmill with the mountains and the rivers and the birds and the clouds and the air as a huge 3D, IMAX TV with brad pitt at the end of the road waiting for me to use my Stream of Consciousness to carve my body to GET RIPPED and SHREDDED! Oh fuck brad pitt he is too fat. I’m going for 0 percent body fat.

The shredding will go all the way down to my organs – Ripped heart, liver, intestines, and liver. I will donate my aesthetic organs to fat people Yay

I was a bballer when I was a teenager and for the first couple of years in college.

I used to have a really good shot, 3 pointers were my thing. But after I got stronger and more powerful I just drove into the lane everytime, or across the entire court and score a breakaways coast to coast, passing everyone on both teams…even huge black guys who were playing at lunch break couldn’t stop me and… nicknamed me “Frank the Tank”

It’s too bad I quit basketball before I could jump high enough to dunk in a breakaway. I started lifting and training just so I could do that. But all that heavy lifting and plyos made my CNS drained all the time and I just had to give up playing altogether.

I would also buy Jordans but would be too scared to wear them in street pick up games because I was afraid that black people would make fun of me so I only worn them to jump on my bed 😦

I had 4 pairs of Jordan XIs (concord, black/red, space jam and cool greys and one pair of fake ones I got off of ebay and got trolled), 3 pairs of IIIs, a pair of VI, a pair of XII, 2 pairs of XIIIs, 3 pairs of XIVs, 2 pairs of XVs, 1 pair of XVIs, and a whole bunch of Pippens and Paytons.

Actually I had just unprivated a video of me squatting in my Jordans. This was when I first started to learn how to squat. It was retarded because Jordans are the worst shoes for squats. (see comments for the video

Word and text edit are fucking retarded because they don’t recognize the words DEADLIFT and PLYOMETRICS and count them as misspells . Computer nerds don’t lift – PROVEN