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Good question of the day:

1. How easy is it to get girls in Thailand if I don’t speak Thai?

Not sure if the girls in Thai speak English, but need minimum language skill. Language is a fundamental tool to crack open the vagina. Rape is only rape if the mind is not raped (which is the definition of seduce). Mind-rape is mostly legal, so go for that. There’s nothing better to rape a mind and drill a hole in it than sharp language.

2 :

Frank, who do you identify with yourself more, us (the lifting community – misc, /fit, etc) or the artsy kids in art school?


Both and neither. I want to be able to bounce around both extremes so I don’t become stuck in a category. Which is why I love the trolls and the haters from the fitness community. They give me a reality check.

I also love the hipsters too because they make me feel extra huge.

I like trolling the weight lifting crew with 2deep4u shit, and i get the same thrill when I carry around protein shakes and walk around in beaters in front of all the skinny fags in art school.

I’m an artsy hipster. But I also lift heavy. So they cancel each other out so I can become Nothing

Or you can say that, I’m a bodybuilder, but I also read Sartre and make sculptures.

Which would also render me into Nothing.