I plan to name my daughters Adrenaline, Amygdala and, and Melancholia, and call them Amy, Adrena, and Melly for short. WHat do u think? Who would you sign up now, to fuck? Just based on the names with nothing else materialized ?
Also, I am going to buy my daughters vibrators at age 2 and see if they are smart enough to figure out its usage.

I’m going to lock them in a room with only dildos, and see if without external influences and porn, see if they can figure out how to use them and once they reach orgasm they will pass my test and be released into the real world.

(Which just means another cage and another cell for discovery new things, but of course they will be prepared for it)

If they don’t figure it out they will just be stuck in there forever with nothing but pizza crusts.