I was making out with my girlfriend for 20 minutes and got bored so Wittgenstein’s aphorisms popped into my head.

She won’t let me stop so I started to recite them directly into her mouth while still kissing at the same time – keeping complete mouth to mouth and tongue to tongue contact. I stuffed it in there good and now her breath smells like dead white European male philosopher’s.

Now she knows him better than anyone because not only did she receive the intangible ideas but also got the physical/mechanical movements and fleshy treatment of language. Hopefully she will pass them on to future boyfriends.

Faggot hipster armchair philosophers are useless and non-practical because they are too immaterial and their ideas don’t smell like anything. If you want to do philosophy well it has to be grounded onto the earth so u gotta do it this way.

All teachers should do this to their students. Give lecture mouth to mouth for all around, complete set of stimulation – sensual, sexual, emotional, cognitive, physical, ideal, etc.