Whitney Houston:
It had just occurred to me that I never had an idea what Whitney Houston looks like until she died and her pictures and videos appeared in Facebook newsfeed.

Whenever I used to think of her, all I can hear is the I Will Always Love You Song. Come to think of it, that’s the only song she sang that I know of.

So instead of abstracting and pealing her away after her death like most people would do when someone dies, I am doing the opposite.

I am adding layers onto her,
from a song
to a voice
to scattered pieces of black flesh
to a woman
and finally a full human being.
now to finish the “dressing up” what kind of clothes does she wear?


Dreams are smokey and misty and the images are dirty and unacceptable in reality, like fart – the brain produces waste products because it too, needs constant cleansing so it would have more room for new ideas. But dreams are immaterial and intangible, but when you turn them into something concrete – like a piece of sculpture, it becomes brain poopoo. NOw i know why we dream and why art is shit.

Isn’t dowry just a fancy word for the father to bribe a man to fuck his daughter?
Facebook is my only road to reality. If it wasn’t for facebook, I would never knew the following significant events happened :

1. Superbowl had passed ( Still don’t know what teams were in it though coz people only posted about Niki Majani)
2. Grammy was today (?) I can’t tell sometimes people talk about shit the days afterwards.
3. Jeremy Lin was Asian American whose parents were from TAIWAN not CHINA.
4. The singer who sang I’ll Always Love you died.
5. My first ex and I broke up and it’s been 10 years (I checked the Timeline 😦

Hulk and Batman – The Unconscious.

Was watching the Hulk. The green monster really is the subconscious (genie/genius/spirit) embodied…which really is the metaphor for a huge erected penis – the flesh of the Hulk, which symbolizes the artist’s Unconscious mind is filled up with fantasy, internal emotional wounds, dark desire and nightmare finally explodes and ejectulate and takes revenge on the suppression that the reality and the rules, masses, and the normality it represents.

And THAT in itself is the artistic creation at its metaphorical core, where all works of art are a “mock-procreation and union of eroticism).

And if you take into the self aware, meta-account of whoever (Stan Lee?) designed and created the story of the Hulk this can all be double-coupled with meta-narratives and self referential feedback loop that might or might not come back and bite its own tail off. If not, the tails expand as it forms a long (genetic) line of self expression.

The monstrosity, nightmare, the irrationality, the powerful and freakish body that the Incredible Hulk embodies is really just a metaphor for the Unconscious thought which is a lot “bigger and stronger” than the conscious mind and can do everything that the conscious mind can’t and won’t be dared to do.

So then I looked at most superheros and they seem to function this way a well. The manifestation of the alter ego, let it be Peter Parker or Bruce Wayne are merely the Unconscious turning itself inside out…taking on animal forms of wolves, spiders, bats, in order to create fear, yet at the same time, “hide” under the power of the collective Unconscious that is primitive and animistic/spiritual in nature to make them more powerful than their original ego.

Stan Lee the comic book artist, out of sexual frustration, re-channels his desires into work of art and created the character and story of the Bruce Banner (his metaphorical penis at a beta level), which in the story also gives birth to another, second level alpha penis (The Incredible Hulk), which might give birth to who knows what? Another monster? morality? death? another 5 Hollywood sequels that will eventually branch out with diverse and interconnecting commodities of Hulk action figures, puzzles, posters, and etc.

The writer has to ensure his immortality this way, in a line of self creation that might have a chance to pass on his ideas (genes) and make copies of itself in slight variations more than once. And if the self referential feedback tail comes back to bite itself, then the artist’s intention of creating life from death is reversed…to creating death from life.

And if you look at many work of art and literature, especially in the postmodern era, much of their works were self conscious and presented as meta – narratives where

a filmmaker makes a film about filmmaking (Inception), or my little video portrait of my family : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eW187ncboIY

Or when a script wrtier writes a play about a writer writing a play (Dogville).
Frank Yang – Dirty Laundry (a portrait of my family starring my dad)




I hope Jeremy Lin is getting mad pussy right now because when Carmelo and Wilt Chamberlaine comes back from injury and retirement he is going to miss out on this great opportunity and his accomplishments would be fruitless.

Oh wait, he is Christian. Ahh the ultimate test of temptation from God can he resist the pussies hanging loosely on the trees and does have the vertical to grab them??



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