*wax sculpture by Frank Yang.

Q: Frank, why do you always use the Big Black Cock in your videos?

A: It’s easy to see why I use the BBC dildo in so many videos. Think of it like this : I am an unicorn with the BBC as the horn attached to my head, which symbolizes how my brain is itself a huge cock as I run around poking and raping other people’s brains with it.

Like psychedelics, I try to “mindfuck” people by planting seeds/sperms inside their brains with the hope that it would grow big enough to blow a hole into their conscious minds so that their subconscious power can be released…so they can use it to enhance their hobbies and goals – bodybuilding, getting chicks, making art, whatever or just to simply mindfuck other people so repressed ideas get passed on like genes/memes.

The more your mind is blown, the bigger the symbolic BBC – whether it’s 10 second video, a sculpture, my physique…it makes no difference to me. Everyone’s brains are wired differently, so different people need different chemicals as catalysts.

I’m sure Monet has the same goal in mind, except he uses landscape to represent the COCK. I don’t bother. I use the BBC straight up, without the bullshit filters.

Does it matter what I make it art or not? No, of course not. I call some of my stuff “Art” sometimes to make people feel less violated…a sort of a safe outlet with labels that they can grab onto when they don’t know how to think of feel when they get mind raped.

translated by v

問:為什麼你老是在你的影片裡使出大黑屌 (Big Black Cock)?
答:這道理其實很簡單,你可以這樣想:我把自己當成獨角獸,大黑屌就是我頭上的角,我追著人跑來跑去,看到一些需要被解放的人就用大黑屌在他們腦袋戳洞 (mindfuck),並在他們的頭腦種下種子,讓他們的潛意識懷孕,成長茁壯後炸出新的 idea (mind-blown),人們就可以用新的潛意識力量做出新的創意,更勝我現在所做的衝突,進而引響別人,像是新創的基因支派,一代傳一代。

莫內畫的印象派畫作其實也是想要 mindfuck 人,讓大家的意識產生衝突。但我不想這麼麻煩,我只想用更直接的方式。看,你不是被我影響了?不管是音樂或是舉重、雕塑、拍攝的影片都是大黑屌的化身,只是以不同的方式呈現/化身。



I tried to translate “Mind=blown” and “mindfucked” into Chinese but could’t! Then I realize that these terminologies don’t exist in the Chinese language. No wonder people from Asia can’t enjoy my videos! That’s like the Eskimos asking me to see more than one type of snow or something.

If you are well versed in both English and Chinese, how would you translate these terms? (srs)


Why does it matter so much to people what is art and what isn’t?

Does it make people feel better when they look at something and think to themselves “emm…this isn’t art because I am so smart that I know what art is. This isn’t it. I must be better than the artist who made this crap and everyone else who thinks this is art”..?


Does anyone else bite/peel off their fingernails in between heavy squat and deadlift sets due to anxiety?

Also, thinking about making a nun-chuck with 2 dildos: should I go with a white end and a black end to be fair and to avoid political/racial incorrectness? But if the white end should be considerably smaller due to (assumed) default product design, how could the imbalance be fair to my muscular and nervous system as well as to the cops that I’m gonna beat up?




Back in the days when Michelangelo was alive, there were actually things called “art” – sculptures and paintings.

But nowadays, after the postmodern bullshit, the whole world is rendered into fucking ready-made sculpture, which makes everything and nothing art. The word is now useless, so there is really no point labeling anything as art anymore because the predisposed labels of a meaningless word would just take away the full experience of say, sucking on a BBC.

If you want me to explain to you why I suck dildos from the perspective of “art”, fine. I can send you a long essay filled with references to phenomenology, post structuralism, the “gaze”, feminism, and black spectatorship. If you already think sucking BBC is art, I might just say , “no you moron. I just like the taste of a big cock without the risk of AIDS”.

This is how you troll both the elitist and the masses.