The world would be such a better place if fish don’t have bones. Imagine munching on fish like burgers without having to pin-pick it.


Here is your bulking tip:

Always start your meal with 40 grams or protein, preferably solid food.

Then stuff down as much carbs and fat as possible down into whatever space there is left in your stomach. For the first half of the day, do the carbs first, then the fat. Second half, fat first, then carbs.

And if you are really up for it, drink another serving of liquid calorie because if you can’t stuff anymore food, you can always drink it in.

Do this every 3 hours through out the day unless you are sleeping.

If you pull an all nighter, do it through out the night.

If yo do this, you can tell the people who ask you how much calorie you take in a day and what your diet is to FUCK OFF AND EAT


If they bother to censor an anorexic girl’s nipples and a female bodybuilder’s, they might as well censor Ronnie Coleman or Arnold’s.


Question of the day

Q: Hey what kinda of dildo you got? I wanna get the same one as yours haha

Frank Yang:
Im not sure the brand, I saw it in a sex shop and asked for the biggest and the baddest COCK! and the lady pulled that one out from the shelf amongst other less significant objects and said a lot of people bought the same one.

The funny thing is that she opened that shop at home…but divided/blocked the shop section from the rest of the house with a curtain. When I peaked through it, I could see her 5 year old daughter watching TV with her dog in the kitchen.

2 days later I got an idea based on that scene for my art photo. And I went back and asked her if I could take a picture of her daughter sitting on the floor of the shop surrounded by all the “monsters”. She said no.


Everytime on a leg day I feel like it’s the last day of my life. And then when I do the lifts I die over and over again. But afterwards, I am alive again, born again with new life. Like a new condom after it slips off the cock, ready to be put back into the fancy wrapper.


Facebook just brought to me my biggest nightmare. It now shows, on chat, the exact time when your interlocker sees your conversation. I get depressed and paranoid now whenever someone sees the message and doesn’t reply where before I could just pretend he/she was watching porn or paying taxes. Now all I can think about is how the other person sees my message, ignores it with a cringe, minimizes the box, and goes on to chat with other people.

It was already bad before with the “XXX typing….” thing. This was why I avoided chatting if I could because whenever someone types, I become super anxious and hold my breath.
If they somehow delete the message and never send it, or type for 5 minutes but only send something like “LOL…” I think about it all day, thinking that they were going to say something bad about me or wonder what that ready-but-unsent message was.

FUCK YOU FB. What’s next? Measuring their heart rate through fingertips ?


My favorite actors are usually bad ones…or even fairly good actors that just got picked for the wrong role.

I don’t know why but when an actor is really good and believable, I get bored of the movie and zone out.
I like the dissonance and awakwardness bad actors create. They make me sit at the edge of my chair like a thriller.

Who are your favorite bad actors?


Why does it matter so much to people what is art and what isn’t?

Does it make people feel better when they look at something and think to themselves “emm…this isn’t art because I am so smart that I know what art is. This isn’t it. I must be better than the artist who made this crap and everyone else who thinks this is art”..?

Back in the days when Michelangelo was alive, there were actually things called “art” – sculptures and paintings.

But nowadays, after the postmodern bullshit, the whole world is rendered into fucking ready-made sculpture, which makes everything and nothing art. The word is now useless, so there is really no point labeling anything as art anymore because the predisposed labels of a meaningless word would just take away the full experience of say, sucking on a BBC.

If you want me to explain to you why I suck dildos from the perspective of “art”, fine. I can send you a long essay filled with references to phenomenology, post structuralism, the “gaze”, feminism, and black spectatorship. If you already think sucking BBC is art, I might just say , “no you moron. I just like the taste of a big cock without the risk of AIDS”.

This is how you troll both the elitist and the masses.
People are too obsessed with the dislike/like button on youtube. Every top comment is something that. like 2()(*)(*(#((I missed the liked button ..>> 9908 Justin Beiber fans, (*)*)())(()


My dad thinks it’s fucked up how I talk to my maids more than I talk to my grandpa. It’s fucked right? but who cares, there are way worse things to inflict than silence. I mean, what can you say to someone who walked this planet for 91 years but never tripped acid?

I have been getting a lot of messages over the years from people who tell me that they dream about me, with detailed and graphic descriptions of everything from my maids to BBCs to eating my grandpa’s face to eating shrooms on roller coasters. Did people dream about Arnold this way? or Zyzz? or Tom Cruise? I guess it makes sense though, since I’m all about mindfucking and impregnating people’s subconscious with ideas. Good to know it’s working.

Does anyone else bite/peel off their fingernails in between heavy squat and deadlift sets due to anxiety?

Also, thinking about making a nun-chuck with 2 dildos: should I go with a white end and a black end to be fair and to avoid political/racial incorrectness? But if the white end should be considerably smaller due to (assumed) default product design, how could the imbalance be fair to my muscular and nervous system as well as to the cops that I’m gonna beat up?