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Knowing Ourselves

The idea of “none-existence-without-others” – that our identities arise and come into existence only in accordance to the “gazes” of other people goes into the heart of quantum physics.

According to quantum mechanics, the very act of measuring or observing a subatomic particle slightly alters and changes the way that it behaves. In other words, the particles behave in accordance to the expectation of the observer – the measuring scientist or device of measurement. The very act of measuring is what brought the subatomic particle’s existence in the first place, and that whatever particle it is that you are measuring, the act of measurement, and the device of measurement come into existence/arise simultaneously.

In modern cosmology, we see that everything in the universe, including humans, are composed of atoms that are really not the “solid”, or “fixed” mechanical substance of matter that we are used to conceive.

Atoms, beyond the quantum horizon, are really just a process of an energetic, dynamic process of becoming and probability that fluctuates and come in and out of existence and emerge in accordance to other observers – other subatomic particles and information within a particular system. And that if you can change the structure and the energy of the field that the atoms are in, you change the atoms themselves.

Once you establish what the nature of reality that we live in is and who we are, the same idea can be expressed in the macroscopic world of humans.

Just as there is no fixed physical substance, there is no fixed mental substance. The wholeness of my body – including my brain are also made out of inanimate subatomic particles that obey the same physical laws as all other matter in the universe that express themselves as energy that are constantly evolving in a state of flux and fluctuation, and it is the participatory acts of other observers that are allowing us to “create” and “build” ourselves as we move through time and space.

There is not a unified, stabilizing, and single “I” that endures through time. We are not closed and stable totalities, but open, unstable, disunified, contingent, always in a process of being articulated and perceived in one form or another in states of indeterminacy.

While we are alive, atoms are constantly flowing in and out of our bodies. Every 6 years or so, our whole bodies – bones, organs, muscle tissues replace themselves with completely new atoms. Fundamentally, the “Frank” that is typing this sentence is not the same as the “Frank” that typed the beginning of this paragraph a hour ago, every subatomic particle that made up the “Frank” now has all been subjected to open ended change and development, due to the acts on the particles and parts of my own body and brain, as well as the acts of the environment.
So a person can never be conceived to be in fully existence without the interactions of others, and our feelings and consciousness change in accordance to the field visions of Others who we share our energy fields with, and as we go on and interact with others and with the word, we are literally altering our own physical realities and the realities of others on a moment to moment basis.

The moment we start looking at another person, his or her structure, how he thinks or feel, why they do this and that, it suddenly brings into clarity why that person is structured the way he or she is.
When people look through the world with their eyes, their perceptions tell them that what they experience is all there is to the world. But it isn’t. It’s a tiny frequency range within an infinite spectrum and frequencies of an infinite field of energy.

By the same idea, when I interact with you, I might think that I know all there is to know about you, but I don’t. My act of observation and interactions can only activate a tiny portion of your identity and physical reality that arises only due to my presence and expectations of you.

Just as we may never find the edge of our universe or know objectively what it is by observing it and asking ourselves what it is made out of, we may never know who we really are.

Just as nothing can exist independent of this object/subjective on going feed-back relationship, we cannot truly exist without the “gazes”, opinions, and the presence of others. Individuals do not exist by themselves, as we only arrive and emerge from the collective activities we engage ourselves from the relationships we have with each other.

There is no objective object. Objects themselves, whether it’s flowers, trees, frogs, horses, a person, or even a cooperation or market, is always arising and becoming with the particular subject that is doing the perceiving.

Different modes of objectivity are relative, or in accordance with other modes of subjectivity, and the outcome of an object is always subjected to the subject perceiving it.