I was about to go down on Vivian during a 69 when I noticed a pinhead sized frog egg attached stubbornly between the 7th and 8th folds of her labia.

I tried to blow it off. No use.

Then I examined it with a microscope and saw a white, almost see-through elephant floating in the middle of the egg like a nucleus, with what looks exactly like me floating around it like an electron in extreme high speed.

I put down the microscope and started licking the egg until it squirted out creatine like a lazer beam.

All the while she gave me the best blow job of my life.

Afterwards I gained 10 pounds.

我正準備跟我女友使用六九姿勢時 發現她陰唇第七、八層的皺摺上有一個跟針頭一樣小的青蛙蛋
我用力吹想把它吹掉 但是沒用 
我透過顯微鏡觀察它 看到一隻白色偏透明的大象 浮在蛋的中間 像原子中的質子
我也看到我自己 像電子一樣圍繞它以光速旋轉
我把顯微鏡放下 猛舔它 突然有一股蛋白質像雷射般射進我嘴巴  
同時女友並沒發現這件事 她做她的工作 仍做得很沈醉
結束時 我增了十磅