Q&A about my 12/21/12 video that some people find helpful in understanding where I’m coming from.

1. What do the old ppl represent

A: Like Zyzz before us, the old lady is not a person, an (anti)ideal, a way of (non)life. 

It’s the symbol of Death and Aging that I need to materialize in front of my eyes when I work out to motivate myself to push harder. Death is the ultimate motivation, and the realization that there is a “death-date” waiting for us in the distant (or not so distant) future is how and why we build and structure our lives way we do. The fact that each one of us realizes the brutality of our mortality is why humans, unlike animals, created civilizations.

Would you have accomplished anything if you knew can wait “forever” to do it? 

In this film, after I drove into the “tunnel” full of leaves on 12/21/12 on the way to the gym, my universe got spliced in half, or rather, two parallel universes merging together into one single track, where we meet our older selves. Now they will follow us everywhere, and serve as motivation for everything that we do in a self-critical manner.

2. I still don’t get this video. WTF is this shit?

A: This was my attempt to transcend and break boundaries, categorization, stereotypes : AKA Video blog meets fitness/diet meets performance art meets music video meets surrealism meets existentialism meets narratives dream meets reality meets art meets dog shit and everything in between in 10 minutes where….

part 1. realism/reality- vblog/documenting a real event.
part 2. fiction/story – a narrative about 2 kids playing hide and seek.
part 3. the two mingles and collide and Surrealism emerges.

But most of all, this was my attempt to express the self-awareness ability of higher consciousness through meta-techniques.

And because it is a meta-film…: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meta-reference
the film is aware of itself being aware of itself being aware of itself, ad infinite, where even different elements within the film, or even OUTSIDE of the film collide with each other to new spaces through dialectical conflicts. This self-realizing, self-referential, self-looping, self-awaring, self-conflicting act is the default state of higher ordered consciousness. 

What separates animals with lower or no consciousness from humans is that animals are only conscious, but they are not conscious of their own consciousness.

I do believe that there is a degree of difference to the higher consciousness of humans as well. The more enlightened we become, the more we are self-aware. This self-awareness – where a mind uses itself to examine its own content (it usually fails by default LOL) is actually what a lot of great literature, films, and philosophy try to illustrate.

Some examples of movies from popular culture that toy around with this concept:

Adaptation (Nicholas Cage)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Truman Show (Jim Carrey)
Bad Education
Fight Club to a certain extend…

Which I made when I was a student, one that I still think is one of my best videos, also illustrates this concept.

3. What is that strange black mark on the screen that appears in some shots but not others?

A: I inserted a pubic hair in the back of the lens to to shatter the “suspension of disbelief”. Godard uses this in his films quite a lot, where he would deliberately try to make the audience feel uncomfortable by creating elements (jump cuts/actors talking to audience in the middle of the film/leaving lights and microphone from the production in the shot to include in the actual move, etc) that from time to time lift the cinematic illusion. 

Or you can think of it as the “Splinter on the mind” that Morpheus from the Matrix speaks of…kind of like a bug that lingers around existence…a micro-BBC so to speak.

4. Where can I find the full versions of some of the older videos you edited into the film?

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