(the BBC is just a symbol)

Why do people make videos on Youtube? Write Facebook statuses?  Why do people want to be famous? To be known? Loved? 

A: Because they want to mindfuck other people.   

Why? Because fucking other people’s bodies isn’t satisfying enough for the spiritual human beings who partially exist and navigate through the mental.  

There are also more people to mind fuck vs body fuck. A man is only going to want to physically fuck a woman (Unless he is bi) but he sure have every right to desire fucking both sexes in the mind.

Mindfucking allows people to extend themselves…their beings or soul or whatever you want to call it, beyond their physical bodies, a way to achieve immortality to live inside other people’s heads even long after the bodies parish.  Ideas and ideas of a person can live on forever if they are strong enough.    In other words, the more minds I inhabit, the “bigger”, I get.

You can only impregnent one woman at a time. Think about how many minds you can impregnent.

This way of crawling into other people’s brains is called mindfucking, or if you prefer the Hollywood term, “INCEPTION”.  

It’s an act of highjacking other people’s minds, taking up their mental spaces, running around in it, FUCKING with it.  If these ideas you plant are awesome enough, they too can help you incept other people’s brains. 

This is basically what Leonardo DiCaprio does in Inception. And anytime a singer tries to promote herself to be heard and to be famous, she is trying to perform an Inception by sticking songs into your head.

As long as another person creates an idea of you inside his mind, that’s an automatic mind fuck.  Making another person love you is a mind fuck, so is hate.  The more IMPRESSION you make on the other person, the bigger the mindfuck because the deeper you get to go inside his mind.

When people email me and tell me that they dreamt about me, that’s the biggest compliment.  I knew then that I went pretty deep into their subconscious.  Mental BBC did its job.  You got raped.

Some people, due to the nature of their personality or trade, are able to mind fuck more people, deeper and harder than others.  An office clark definitely isn’t going to mind fuck as many people as an accomplished film director or a musician or a scientist. 

So in general, the weapon to mind fucking are creativity and critical thinking skills.  Tools that allow you to change minds, shift perceptions in others in order to make them think differently.  

The “Aa ha!” moment you get from watching a movie or reading an article by a good writer is the result of a mind fuck – physically your neurons are disrupted. It feels good. Mindfucking others feels good.  Getting mindfucked feels good, too.

Socrates was the original mindfucker.  Celebrities are all mindfuckers because their job is to intrude minds. They are mind sluts because they exist in so many heads.  Scientists like Einstein and Darwin mind fucked the whole of human thought and civilization.  Rhianna and Eminem? Maybe just a couple of generations.

Like different ways a man can treat his lover, mindfucking comes in different forms.

Tarantino is a more forceful mindfucker than Scorsese.  The former shoves ideas and images down your throat.  The latter does it more subtly.  

Another way to think about mindfucking is mind controlling.

When you watch a movie or listening to a piece of music, the filmmaker or musician is literally pulling strings inside your head, mind controlling you, making you think a certain way, feel a certain way, see and hear certain things…and if he is good, for hours, days, even years afterwards.   

So this leads me back to answering the question people always ask me: Why do you want to lift weights and look aesthetic, jump high, run fast, and etc when apparently all you care about is mindfucking.

The answer is that having an aesthetic body helps me mindfuck.

When I train, I am crafting my physical body yes. 

From your perspective and everyone else’s, I am crafting the IMAGE and the PERCEPTION and the IDEA of me inside your brain…meaning that when you see me on the computer screen, or when you merely think of me for that matter (it’s really just the same thing to the brain itself) there is an image of me being project onto the back of your visual cortex, where a Frank Yang literally gets created inside your head.  

1. I want this idea/image/representation (which IS part of me) to be aesthetic.

2. It’s a lot easier to crawl into other people’s brains when your physique is impressive.  Just looking at Ronnie Coleman on stage is a form of mindfuck.   Girls with nice bodies mindfuck men because they masturbate to them, literally fucking them inside their heads.

An aesthetic body might not run too fast in reality or be very functional navigating the real world, but inside people’s minds, they can be as fast as light, driving full speed deep into your subconscious.

But I don’t stop at the physical aesthetics.  See when you think of Zyzz or the Hodgetwins, probably the most that they are doing inside your head is standing around, flexing, and maybe some talking heads yelling YEAHHHHHHHHHH and KUNTS.

But I want to do more inside your head…hence the trippy editing of my videos, art and music performances in the form of shock to enhance my ability to intrude mental spaces deeper.

I know most people don’t care about or think about mindfucking as much as I do.  But everyone likes physical fucking.

Just realize that before you can have sex with someone’s body, you have to mind fuck her first.

In fact, to simply convince another person to have sex with you is one of the biggest mind fuck there is.

more thoughts/follow up to my Mindfuck manifesto 

For homosexuals, there are two ways to have sex.  

1. You put your dick into someone else’s body.

2. You let the other person enter yours.

Mindfucking works the same way.  

You can either –

1. Mindfuck someone by getting inside other people’s brains.

2. Let other people enter your brain and mindfuck them while they are trapped inside. 

in Inception and The Cell, Leonardo Dicaprio and Jennifer Lopez were professional mindfuckers that got inside their victims’ heads in order to achieve their goals.

So that would be example of 1.  If you watch one of my lifting or performance art videos where I am IN the video, then as you watch it, or think about it afterwards, there’s a Frank Yang in your head running around, dancing, fucking, seizure hopping, jumping, whatever.

When you sit inside the dark movie theater and watch a movie unfold, the filmmaker is literally letting you enter his mind.  He mindfucks you while you are trapped inside his head by controlling how you think and feel for 2 hours.

The two ways of mindfucking obviously intertwine.

When Leonardo Dicaprio enters someone else’s subconscious, the mind of the penetrated is also inside Leonardo’s head. Not only that, he has to be familiar with the victim’s mind in order to successfully navigate around it to plant ideas.

To put it more practically, every time I pull a performance where I’m IN the video (hence inside your head), I sort of have to know what my audience is thinking in order to leave an impression.

When you watch a movie, you are inside the director’s head through out the movie.  However, this does not mean that he is not inside yours too.  Often times the audience would think of the director when they watch his mind unfold.  Not to mention that when a person’s mind (without the body) is inside yours, it’s a even more intimate form of mind-sex.  

This is only more apparent (and things can get a little more complicated) when the director appears in his own movie, such as when Tarantino

or Hitchcock appear briefly as cameos.  When that happens, the two types of mindfuck happens simultaneously in a self referential loop.

You can certainly mindfuck yourself.  

Think of when you imagine yourself from a detached perspective.   Or when you appear inside your own dreams.