They say the scariest parts of horror films are the ones where they don’t show anything on the screen, instead the filmmakers merely suggest; to let you bring the most horrifying versions of your own imagination upon yourself. 

And this is also the main enemy for prisoners, especially those in solitary confinement: the cruelest punishment one can get besides death is to be face to face with your own thoughts where you can’t do anything to escape from it. There’s no alcohol, drugs, movies, porn, the mall, gym, work. And that’s really what people do when they engage in these activities – to escape. From what? Their own minds.

How fucked up is that if you really think about it?

Luckily we only have to experience this dread a few moments before bed;
I find the space between closing my eyes right until the moment I fall asleep to be part of my day that I look forward to the least.
That’s why I always try to read books or watch DVDs until I’m exhausted or take sleeping aids to shorten the dark (literally) moments.

anyone know that feel, and how do you deal with it?