LOL. Commenting on this photo:


“losing hope in humanity”….”the world is now fucked” are the typical top comments

I think it’s quite the opposite. I think this pictures shows signs of progress and advancement.

First of all, what’s the perquisite for accomplishing this task? Lots of money. Which means this guy is definitely well off. Even if his dad paid for his surgeries, he’s probably not a moron, since his dad has to be somewhat intelligent to make that much money. So it’s basically a status symbol. And if the real JB is the ultimate status symbol. This guy is the status symbol of a status symbol. Meta.

50 years ago a lot of people will want to look like Elvis or Marilyn Monroe but they can’t because medicine/technology won’t allow it. Now they can, because the world is getting more awesome. So awesome that you can look like JB. 

In 50 more years we will have virtual reality and the ability to switch bodies, which I’m sure will result in even more JBs. We would also cure lots more diseases, athletes will be faster and stronger, and we will know much more about the universe.

Don’t forget that people’s seemingly superficial desires – perfecting looks, driving a faster and more aesthetic car, etc are some of the strongest driving forces behind tech advancement, which in turn allows more people to fulfill these fantasies that have always been there, since the dawn of mankind.

Not saying that weed is bad or anything, but the whole “it’s found in nature! so it shouldn’t be illegal” argument is retarded. 

Just because something is found in nature it doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you, or that it shouldn’t be kept away from civilized human beings who might crave it.

There are tons of poisonous substances found in nature that are lethal to the human body. What if there’s a newfound species of snakes that can get us high, but the negative consequences are as bad as Heroine? Should that not be made illegal?

And the whole “it’s prohibited by law, therefore it is against our freedom” idea is equally nonsensical.

I’m pretty sure the hunter and gatherer society, where everyone is pretty much free (to kill and rape anyone for that matter) sounds like real freedom to me. 

Complete freedom is no freedom. Freedom can only arise out of a structured backdrop/limitation.

Freewill and determinism are not two exclusive concepts, but must co-exist for either to make sense.

Does a person always have to “walk the talk”?
Not necessarily. You don’t always have to practice what you preach because sometimes it’s better when the preachers simply preach…so that the doers can practice what the they preach….in a division of labor sort of way. 

For instance, a lot of people criticize fitness Youtuber Ian Mccarthy because he “doesn’t look like he lifts” , and that it’s better to take advice from people who look big and ripped, like the Hodgetwins.

But having the genetics, time, dedication, motivation to build muscles vs reading about and knowing or the motivation to understand how to build muscles don’t always go together. In fact, if you spend all day collecting information about something, there’s a chance that you won’t have the time to also DO it, and that doesn’t mean that the knowledge you have is invalid.

And as we all know, there are many ways to skin a cat in everything we do. 

People might tend to believe everything a bodybuilder says just because he looks good, and even if this bodybuilder ‘talks’ his ‘walks’, chances are his method might not work for you, and he probably won’t know that much about other methods because he doesn’t need to know them; Natural abilities and genetics play a huge role in how good someone is at something. 

For instance, a black guy who jumps really fucking high would probably get asked the most often how he is able to do so. But people who can jump that high are born that way and he’s not going to sit down and read the Vertical Jump Bible and try to understand something that he already knows how to do. Ask him how to jump higher, he’ll probably tell you stupid shit like to jump rope or wear ankle weights. I’ll get advice from the white guy who spent 2 years researching and trained himself to jump 30 inches anytime. 30, not 15 (you can’t be a complete moron either).

I think there might even be an inverse relationship between theory and practice in some cases. At least in art, it tends to be the case that the more you hold on to ‘theory’ the less ‘creative’ you are. 

I remember most of the professors taught at my art school, even the great ones, suck at making art themselves but are great at instructing others how to do so. Sometimes we get visiting artists, professionals from the field to lecture. But more often than not they are bad teachers.

The best musicians are artists are rarely the best teachers. Most film critics can’t make films. Good coaches are bad players and vice versa. In Taiwan, 99 percent of eye doctors wear glasses. Kant the philosopher rarely leaves his house, never had sex, and probably doesn’t have much ‘real life experiences’, but other people who do live in ‘real life’ benefit greatly from his ideas.

Came across this today. I used to think about this scenario everyday. Toy story was my favorite movie growing up and I bought like 5 different Woodies (2 of them were from Happy meals at Mcdonald) 

At first I was really embarrassed because sometimes I would fap and forget to put them in the closet. But after a while I got used to it and even lined them up and fapped in front of them.

I used to ask myself whether it was possible to have a mind without the physical brain inside those plastic heads. It was obvious to my young mind that the Woody inside the screen had to have a mind, in fact, Woody was nothing but the mind since his body was immaterial and made up of wavy pixels.

I wanted very badly for Woody to have a mind, even if he didn’t want to show it off in front of me. I think this was what got me started in the mind-body problem obsession.

I want to live in a world where females automatically get pregnant every 7 days, and the only way to terminate the pregnancy would be to insert a penis into the vagina in a sort of, abortion as contraception paradox.

This way, young females who don’t want to get pregnant will go around begging for sex. Here is a rule : It must be a DIFFERENT penis every time. So all girls will be sluts by default.

Titanic had a happy ending. The real tragic is what would have happened if both Jack and Rose safely arrived in New York. Jack would have cheated on her with his models. Worse, their love would have faded slowly and eventually part ways, never to see each other again.
I went to the grocery store to get some condoms but I couldn’t find where they were. So I asked the people that worked there and after this black girl who was about 20 or 21 years old pointed it out to me where it was, she started laughing hysterically with her fat ass coworker 


After I picked out the magnum opus and flipped through a couple of bodybuilding magazines, I went to her to ring it up. 

She said “Did you find it ok ?emmemm”
I said “Yes mamm, this is for my mom and her Jewish bf”.