Being unconscious is the deepest of the altered state of consciousness and I look forward to it every night. That’s why I have trouble falling asleep sometimes because I get so excited and anxious to be asleep/unconscious. No drugs, meditation, art or music can put you into that state directly, except for sleep itself. I know some people take sleeping pills recreationally because you can actually feel high on it right before it knocks you out…but I think the real high is the unconscious part. Everything else that comes before is come up.

It’s funny how the people in younger generation don’t know what bbl or brb means because they are constantly connected to the internet. I don’t have internet on my phone (I choose not to mainly because I don’t want to be trapped inside virtual reality everywhere I go and I don’t like people knowing where I am most of the time, and I think i’ll hold it off for as long as possible. I just don’t think I’m ready to live life with that extra dimension yet), so it’s natural for me to go bbl when I step away from the computer, and then they’re like WHAT!? i was like be right bak! they go where!? i say away from the fucking internet.


I don’t delete friends on FB, even people from the past that I don’t talk to anymore because I like looking at pictures as they look older and fatter with each newsfeed update. The rush is exactly the same as looking at your own body transformation photos.


I had a vision last night during the in between state of dream and sleep that I was sleeping without a head. Rather, my head was not where and what it was supposed to be in reality. It shrunk to the size of a marble and was tightly situated in between my urethra, which served as a cork that was keeping me from ejeculating all over the place. What dis mean? Actually it’s obvious; I’m using my head/reason to keep my desires at bay, but I never knew such visual metaphor could be so literal that you hardly need Freud to decipher it.


The educational system today, especially in Asia is kind of like reading and memorizing the notes on a symphony without actually hearing the music. 

I think the same could be said about religion. Religions today place too much emphasis on dogmas, texts, and signifiers instead of the actual/direct experience itself. The average drug-taking, atheistic hipster probably has more mystical and religious experiences than the goodie, next door neighbor church goer. You want to experience god? Try tripping on psychedelics while listening to classical music instead of listening to a preacher list the dos and don’ts of life and then putting cookies on your tongue for once.


Too many people confuse creativity with intelligence. Creative expression is illogical, unreasonable, and often times unintelligible…and when occupied by grown men and women, it’s completely insane and irresponsible. 

An ‘artistic genius’ and a ‘mathematical genius’ have two completely sets of brains. Mixing up the two categories is like confusing a marathon runner with a 100 meter dash sprinter.