A person’s personality is usually what he wants to be thought and perceived, not the way it actually is. The social world is nothing more than a huge sphere of presumed personalities.


Read a quote by Freud today. He said that love is the “psychosis of the normal people”.

What he means is that most people only experience attributes of mental illness, delusions, euphoria, drug experiences, meditative states, and various other signs of altered states of consciousness through love (and also sex. For most people, sex is the only activity they are allowed to totally ‘let go’ without filter and return to a primal state of being).

In other words, love is one of the only legit high most people get to experience.

But what about people that experience these things on a regular basis (other than love) anyway? does love seem to lose its significance and perhaps becomes pale in comparison to all other possible altered states one can choose to experience and express?


More stuff I read today from ‘Sex at Dawn’ that blew my mind (Pick up the book if you haven’t already. I’m still deciding whether this book is totally right on or complete bs, but I love reading alternative views and this book is full of it, from taking on Darwin to Steven Pinker to almost everything we take for granted about human nature and sex).

The following excerpt offers one of many proofs that females are evolved to be promiscuous : sperm competition in humans indicates that there are constantly sperms from different males inside a woman’s body.

Cliff: your semen is designed to kill the semen of the next man that fucks your gf.

“Heritable differences in sperm quality and sperm delivery equipment will be under intense selection…men’s ‘souped up genitals’ backed “a lot of spermatic firepower” would be worthwhile only if there were “some sort of race or contest. Otherwise, they seem excessive”.

Indication of spermatic firepower are evident in the differences between a man’s first spurts and his last. A human ejaculation typically consists of anywhere from 3 to 9 spurts (mine are 10 – 15 spurts on average. No wonder most girls said I have the most cum they’ve ever seen. Watch this video to learn how to practice prolonged ejaculation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66LYZfbRr6Q). Researchers found that the first spurts contain chemicals that protect against various kinds of chemical attack. What sort?

Aside from leucocytes and antigens present in a woman’s reproductive track, they protect the sperm from the chemicals in the latter spurts of other men’s ejaculate. These final spurts contain a spermicidal substance that shows the advance of any latecomers. In other words, competing sperm from other men seems to be anticipated in the chemistry of men’s semen, both in the early spurts (protective) and in the later spurts (attacking).


It’s funny how the people in younger generation don’t know what bbl or brb means because they are constantly connected to the internet. I don’t have internet on my phone (I choose not to mainly because I don’t want to be trapped inside virtual reality everywhere I go and I don’t like people knowing where I am most of the time, and I think i’ll hold it off for as long as possible. I just don’t think I’m ready to live life with that extra dimension yet), so it’s natural for me to go bbl when I step away from the computer, and then they’re like WHAT!? i was like be right bak! they go where!? i say away from the fucking internet.

I don’t delete friends on FB, even people from the past that I don’t talk to anymore because I like looking at pictures as they look older and fatter with each newsfeed update. The rush is exactly the same as looking at your own body transformation photos.

I had a vision last night during the in between state of dream and sleep that I was sleeping without a head. Rather, my head was not where and what it was supposed to be in reality. It shrunk to the size of a marble and was tightly situated in between my urethra, which served as a cork that was keeping me from ejeculating all over the place. What dis mean? Actually it’s obvious; I’m using my head/reason to keep my desires at bay, but I never knew such visual metaphor could be so literal that you hardly need Freud to decipher it.