Do you find bulking easier or cutting? To me not doing something (not eating during cutting) is always easier than doing (eating during bulking).

I have 2 ways to overcome hunger. From one end of the spectrum, allow yourself to be as sexually aroused as possible by watching porn and having lots of sex because the two basic drives of food and sex usually do not co-exist. This is using the body to overcome body. From the top end, read a lot of books, especially super abstract shit like Kant, Hegal and Heidegger. It’s hard to feel hungry when the mind is engaged at a level like that. Mind over matter at its best.


Films, relationships, consciousness

One way to test out whether or not your romantic relationship will work out is to go to the movies and see if you like the same films.

Your taste of films tells me more about who you are than your preference for any other aesthetic art forms. I think this is why all my previous relationships failed. All of my exes forced me to watch chick flicks, but fell asleep when I sho…wed them Lost in Translation.

In fact, I used show girls one film at a time on dates to observe how they reacted to see if we are right for each other. If they liked the first film on the first date, I would grant them a second date to screen them another film that I enjoyed. Usually I would start out with something more generous that MOST people would enjoy (Shawshank Redemption, Silence of the Lambs), and then moved on to more abstract and over-the-edge shit as the relationship progressed. Usually by the 5th or 6th films they would finally get tired of it and refuse to come to another date/screening session. It’s like I was using films to weed out girls, or to scratch the surface of their consciousness, layer by layer with each film in order to reveal their true forms and essences. Nobody had made it to Ferlini’s “8 ½” yet, or Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Blow Up” because usually girls start to complain by the 5th scene of “Lost in Translation”.

Film, more than any other art forms, comes closest to the pure nature of THOUGHT because the mind by default thinks in the montage of moving images and sounds rather than in words. Film is the medium of the mind, and when we watch a film, it is like one mind meeting another. This is also why film serves as the vehicle for propaganda. Nothing washes over your brain and captives your mind and emotions and changes the way you think more than films do. In fact, the image making process as a whole is analogous to the cognitive process of thinking. The film projector is your brain, the light that emits from the machine is your consciousness, and the pictures that the light reflected on is your mind.


Muscles as Time. Zyzz as Singularity.

When I see muscles, I don’t think of anything physical like protein, gym, weights, or even the idea of masculinity. I think of something far more abstract and profound – namely Time itself.

Muscle (gains) are time fossilized and condensed into something very dense from the habits of the past. Like time, there is an arrow – a direction in which muscles are moving and growing towards. Or rather, they are being pulled into some type of Omega point/ singularity in which all different types of physiques seek to converge.

This is your Platonic Aesthetics – the idealized physique of heavenly perfection that can never be achieved by mortals (yet we try our best to).

*for more on the theory of Platonic Forms:

Zyzz came close to this singularity during his lifetime, which is why people looked up to him as some sort of deity. He must have realized this himself, even if subconsciously, and that is why he named himself Zyzz; The Son of Zeus.

After he died, he is transformed into an idea and a symbol (partially by the way of nature, but also by Chestbrah). And by existing only inside our minds, he drew himself ever closer to the Platonic Aesthetics (which if you read the Republic, Socrates repeatedly suggests that any type of Form that exists as a Whole in the heavens can only be accessed, if only partially and imperfectly, by the mind).


I went to my friend’s gym, which is located in the wealthiest part of Taipei, with exclusive memberships and VIP squat racks, treadmills. I realized that all the women have noticeably nicer asses than all of the other gyms in Taiwan that I’ve been to. These women are wives and daughters of the wealthiest people in Taiwan, perhaps it’s by evolutionary logic that the most fertile women are taken by the most powerful men with the most resources.

You usually associate strong physiques with primitivism and animalism. But I think in the modern world, it’s more or less a status symbol to have extremely fit bodies due to the amount of leisure, resources, and knowledge one must acquire to obtain a good physique.

And then I think of movies like Wolf of Wall street where extremely well-off, ‘civilized’ people engage in the most primitive and animalistic activities of sex and drug consumption as ends to all means. The only other people I can think of that can indulge in this type of behavior whenever they want, wherever they want are tribal people of the hunter and gatherer societies who pick up shrooms on the ground to trip on and then have orgies all day.

Perhaps this type of primitive consciousness is our default mode of existence. But modern society has it that we must go through a whole avalanche of bullshit in order to go back to our more primal, original state of being.

*this image captures the juxtaposition of the civilized and the primitive pretty well. Also the title of the film, ‘WOLF’ and ‘WALLSTREET’ (i haven’t seen it though, too scared to).


Progression and migration of ‘bodies’ to the Virtual.

I came across this picture today. (The first 2. I’ve attached the 3rd).

While I am in no position to judge, my first thought is that the Real Aesthetic crew does look much more “Real”, “Authentic”, “Grounded”, and “Solid” than the Fake Natty Crew, which looks and feel more like the stuff of the internet and the virtual.

Consider the fact that the bodybuilders in the second picture literally made up their names, sculpted their personalities, proclaimed their statuses, and perhaps even attaining gears and training methods through the internet, but in contrast, the Real Aesthetic crew had to deal with mostly real life stuff…

I’ve also talked to people who’ve met these guys, and the first thing they always say is how they don’t look as big in “real life”, which points to the notion that camera angles, lightings, and etc are all part of the self manipulation these guys undergo to present themselves as ‘images’, which leads to, ‘egos’ that are much bigger than what they actually are.

If the technological singularity theory is correct, that we can immerse with machines and fully enter virtual reality that looks and feels so real that it is indistinguishable from reality in the coming decades, we will be dealing with “bodybuilders” who are completely virtual.

I see 2 categories of virtual bodybuilders in the future

1. People who don’t actually lift in “reality” using their hands but pumps iron with their minds to build up avatars (or perhaps their own bodies) that get bigger and more aesthetic with time and effort. This it not completely cheating in my book, for knowing how to visualize effectively and train with the right mentality is half of the game even in real life athletics.

As Winston Churchill predicted, “”The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.”

2. People who simply choose avatars that resemble bodybuilders.

On top of that you have people who actually lift with their flesh and bone bodies. And if you consider the fact that all 3 categories can be mixed up to present the final image of who you want to be, things can get much trickier and complex than today’s “half natties”.