This is interesting. Makes me reflects more clearly on my mental life. What is my relationship with the violin? I have been playing it since I was 5 years old, but it’s apparent that I am not going to become a professional musician. Why not? Because I am more interested in creativity and originality – making videos and images that are never before seen or felt. Playing the violin to my brain as an artist is like what squats are for a sprinter or parkour runner. A sprinter can be strong as fuck at the squat, and he might out sprint 99 percent of the population. But the squats is just a means to an end. Something that he does to train his body to be stronger. But he will never be a professional powerlifter or weightlifter (there are still people who are stronger). It’s also interesting that the commenter mentioned bodybuilding. To me, both the violin and bodybuilding has something in common – they serve as the base to free up my creativity. They are grounds that supports all the chaos that reigns up there…something stable that I can go back and ‘practice’ everyday. Creativity arises out of chaos, but there must be some type of fixed structure in an artist’s life that grounds and give rise to it. You can say that bodybuilding is at the very bottom of this hierarchical structure, violin is something at the middle, and the mindfuck videos are at the top.


Taking a picture of our food and uploading it up to cyberspace as abstract information for our friends to admire is the same as (or is opposed to, which is basically the same thing) consuming it and breaking it down and shitting it out to the ground as discards of waste…I guess, in a way, we are trying to capture those fleeting moments – comparable to the digest process which guides the food through our tracts to our anus. People always take ‘normal’ pictures of food – ones you would find in a menu. Why not take it a step further, abstract another layer off of the abstraction and make it look like some pretentious, pseudo student artwork?


*This isn’t some pseudo-philosophical bullshit. I’m just trying to share with you a way to look at everyday activities and to broaden your perception of those seemingly mundane actions. We should all look at things from a multi-dimensional and fresh perspectives. Apply it to you life in a way that it will help you grow and escape the rigid boxes inside your head that can bring new, more opened, more creative, more flexible ways of thinking.

Anyway, I noticed this morning how similar the strings of my violin are to electrical wires. I also realized that my fingers are like the birds that rest on those wires. From the observer’s perspective, it seems impossible that the birds can balance themselves with such ease without falling even while they are chirping. Like those birds, my fingers can be placed and can move so precisely on the strings in millimeter increments without missing notes.

Now that I think about it, how I warp my mind up to operate in another dimension of space time is more like how an ant moves around and perceives a wire. To the human eye, the wire is one dimensional – the only place for an ant to move, from the human perspective, is left and right. But from the ant’s perspective, it can move around the wire in a multi-directional manner. It is impossible for an ant to fall, just like how a creature in a 2-dimensional flat land can never jump up and leave the ground.

Analogously, to not miss a note on the violin, the mind cannot just operate on one dimension of the strings. The mind must zoom in deeper until the space-time fabric expands and the mind finds itself moving freely in another dimension where missing a note would be as absurd as jumping up and down on a flat/2-dimensional universe (if you are imaginative enough to make the full transformation).

This is why the best violinists can play so well in tune. It’s not just that their fingers are more efficient in a physical and mechanical matter…but that they are able to transform their minds completely. This however, is but one phenomenological transition. The transition from printed musical notes to fingerings to musical melodies to their emotional and intellectual representation of are all distinct layers of representation/plane of reality that have to occur and be dealt with simultaneously in parallel to each other if music is to occur. If you think about it, this is how everything in life works.

I think this whole post summarizes the way human thinking works. Analogy is at the base of all human thinking – to think of something as something else in a parallel fashion is the heart of understanding. Not just my first example about the literal analogy between string/wire and fingers/birds… But the deeper, more phenomenological ‘jump’ I take when I play the violin of transforming a thought to an entirely different dimension/mental universes (think of the relationship between words and things in the world they represent).

When you love someone, you inspire them by bringing out their true potentials. This allows the beloved to express their potentials freely, without judgement or consent. When this potential is materialized, it becomes the fruit that the lovers consume to grow their love even further, which in turn leads to more personal growth and discoveries of new potentials. Simply spending time with and having fun with each other and going through the emotions of love isn’t enough. I don’t think two people should be together if they can’t make each other better.

What do you look for in love?

Entering into the void/light that is the gym through a tunnel.

The weight room is like another dimension – an alternate reality that is both disconnected and separate from normal reality.

When you enter the gym, each rep/set/exercise makes you descend deeper, sending your existence into a black hole where nothing else happens except for the reality of tissue breakdowns, protein synthesis and myofibril formations.

There is no turning back once you are in the zone. Not even the weaker and lazier version of yourself can overturn your will to stop working so hard. Although others might not be able to perceive the difference right away, when you through the only exist, which is on ‘the other side’, everything about you – the way you walk, talk, fuck, eat, think, feel, and dream has slightly been altered…

Take enough trips to this netherworld and you will find yourself in the midst of a creation of a beautiful monster that is yourself.

Indeed, a different species of inhabitants occupy this subconscious kingdom in the depths of their minds where Kai Greene is king and grapefruits are more precious than diamonds.