Fitness and physical health is the most important thing in life. Every other goal you have is secondary. You might think you can get away with not taking care of your body now but it’ll catch up to you later and all the things you think are important to you now will pale in comparison to your health and physical shape. If you are not exercising and eating right, then you should get your priority straight. Right now. And if you are, no matter how shitty you think everything else in your life is, if you are making health gains and staying fit you are progressing as a human being. feel free to disagree. #simple #truth #hurt #fronkyong #fitness #lie

This is the girl I hung out with last weekend which I spammed the unfolding events here on Ig. I thought it was going to be a one time thing but it really surprised me that she struck a chord deep inside my gut. Our attractions are non theoretical and purely instinctual. I’m looking at the purest female manifestation of the Id I’ve ever come across. When I’m with her, I feel like I’m stuck inside my favorite amateur porn, but with more grains. Or it feels like I’ve just been offered heroine after kicking the habit of all other lesser drugs. 

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with more sexual energy, but I think it’s because she hasn’t found any other ways to re-channel it, so her entire consciousness is bottled up by fantasies of the most twisted kind. 

Growing up in catholic schools probably contributed to that, but after hearing about her childhood I think it’s largely genetics. I told her I’m a recovering sex addict and she asked me to go back to my old ways, but I said I want to show her different ways to manifest this energy, or we drag each other down to rock bottom, which might not be so bad because it might be one way to come out of the other side. It’s quite a challenge really, and I’m looking forward to it. Ps I think I can finally understand why Kayne married Kim Kardashian #feels #struggle #pleasure #pain #nightmare #hellsangel #grannydeath. @vidadadada