Nike is probably the only brand I ever liked. I think Nike is the first brand to really understand the concept of transcendence (Nike ‘AIR’). Other brands since then followed, but Nike was one of the first brands to focus on selling concepts instead of solely on material objects. Apple is another brand that does this very well, but computers are already in and themselves pretty abstract entities, so it doesn’t take that much oscillations to generate conceptual packages to sell products. It takes much more forward-thinking skills to inject consciousness into something that you put on your feet and step on dog shit with. Nike put sneakers on a pedestal and elevated them to the state of art.

When you buy a pair of Nikes, the shoes themselves are always secondary, even if you don’t conscious realize this. What you are really purchasing is an idea, an attitude, and a an entire lifestyle (freedom, creativity, courage, persistency, etc). If you look at the best Nike commercials (the elementals of blood, sweat, breath, fade away jumpers captured cinematically in slow motion are some of the most aesthetic, spiritual and inspiration pieces of filmmaking on TV I’ve ever seen). The products are rarely in the shots; sometimes never. Kids who line up for Jordans (me included) are mindfucked to FEEL and THINK a certain way when they wear those shoes. And those feelings stay with them far longer than the lifespan of a pair of shoes. And as long as the spirit of Nike is still alive, no matter what kind of shitty material they use from China, or even if the designs of the products are ugly, you are going to want a pair. This is why the Jordan brand is able to persist long after Jordan’s retirement. They can continue to abstract Jordan’s consciousness and injects it into different athletes, and reincarnate the same shoes over and over again and still make tons of money. Nike is less racist than AF and Hollister (see one of my previous posts), but I’m waiting for the day an asian powerlifter is sponsored by Nike. I don’t think that’s going to become a reality until America elects a transgendered, Indian president.

If somebody says something insulting about you, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with him. He is insulting the projected image of you inside his own mind, so in that sense he is insulting himself. If you react to it, then you are responsible for the anger arising in you because you become the co-creator of the insult. If you start arguing back and forth, with each exchange the insult takes shape and form and becomes a solidified entity. But if you choose not to respond, the silence is enacted as a shield, and the words ricochet off of it as arbitrary noise and empty shells devoid of meaning. They might even bounce back and hit the person in the chest. Now he is even more mad because you wouldn’t even accept his insult. (Photo taken in Manhattan).


on the ‘reality’ of spirtaulity.

I don’t like using the word “spirituality” because of the gooey, mumble-jumbo, new-age hippie connotations that are commonly associated with it. I think spirituality is something more like scientific inquiry or problem solving – something hard, concrete, intuitive, yet analytical. You are constantly cross-examining yourself like a lawyer. You can even say it’s ‘hardcore’ – meditating for long hours is like running a marathon, and certain techniques of meditation reminds me of grinding through heavy weights and tearing apart your muscles while covering in sweat and blood in a torn-down gym. Rather than “self-development”, it’s actually more in the line of self-mutilaton which ultimately ends in total annihilation of the Self.

It’s not so much a magical/fantastical pursuit, but the pursuit of total Realism. It’s not so much of ‘enlightenement’, but ‘realization’. A lot of people who first get into spirituality assume that it’s going to be something warm and fuzzy that ascends into higher and higher realms. But in actuality, it’s more like what Andy Dufresne did in Shawshank Redemption – tunneling through a wall, not knowing when you are going to uncover light on the other side. It’s hard. It’s concrete. It’s no bull-shit. Of course there are bliss, fireworks, ecstasy, light, love. They are great. But if you’re in it only for states of consciousness, you are probably going in the wrong direction.

A mystical experience is just another experience, quantitively different, yet still in the same order of things as sexual experiences. They are fingers pointing at the sun, but not the sun itself. And when people are becoming attached to altered states and spiritual texts, on some levels it’s no different from being addicted to drugs or alcohol or even becoming of a religious fanatic. If Buddha was indeed using the Vapassana meditation to become liberated under the tree, he wasn’t looking upward for God or chanting prayers…rather, he was examining something much more primal, visceral, and corporeal – the inside of his own body. He was observing and becoming aware of each and every sensation he was experiencing moment to moment, and ultimately dissolving every cell and atom in his body to realize the Truth of no-self, impermanence, emptiness and change. (Think of mindful meditation when you are asked to simply observe your breath – Buddha took it to the sub-atomic level).

It boggles the mind to think this; but when you look at the image of Buddha sitting under the tree with lights emitting from his head, you would never guess that he might just be rigorously scanning the insides of his testicles for insights about the nature of reality.

Maryland, US vs Taipei, Taiwan.

When people ask me where I am from,I usually have to think about it for a second before I can answer. Most people don’t know this, but I actually have dual citizenships.
I moved to America from Taiwan when I was 11,which means I planted my public hair and Adam’s Apple here. This is crucial because if you start learning a new language past 13/14 you’ll never be able See More

Silence is comes with 2 sides. When a girl’s head is “empty” it usually means she’s an idiot. But when a person who’s been meditating for 20 years finally empties his mind to the degree of absolute stillness, he becomes a god.
When a couple whose relationship is fully realized, silence during breakfast is enlightening because no words can communicate the type of deep energy that is being transmitted while you both chew on captain crunch. But with two people who barely know each other, silence is deadly.

My craving for silence is outweighing my craving for music. Actually I should say my new favorite song is a free style rap so obscene that every word is censored and beeped out. I put it on reply everyday when I workout and during my dreamless sleep.


On the significance and the insignificance of being human (repost)

Human beings fascinate me. Every day I wake up in the morning, I marvel at being human. In the billions of other possible species that I could have been, I was, by luck and pure chance, thrown out of a womb that belonged to a descendent of the most cerebral species on the planet. What did I do to deserve having a human brain, the most complex system/organ in the known universe? Nothing at all. My existence is contingent. It doesn’t have to be, it isn’t necessary, and it is totally meaningless and purposeless.

But this is what makes it so amazing to be me. The fact that I don’t have to, but I do nevertheless exist, is indeed what gives my life meaning. If my existence was the decision of a higher intelligence, and if I was created and put into this world for a purpose, then my existence would be rendered less meaningful and less valuable because my life would then be the product of somebody else’s will and decision, and not the result of a meaningless accident.

To me, something that is planned is always less miraculous and exciting than something that just happened by pure chance. So miracles are in their essences, deeply paradoxical, and this is why I tend to unfold meaninglessness back upon itself until it becomes meaningful.

I would scrutinize everyday objects and events with existential joy and astonishment, for even broken condoms, car wrecks, gum wrappers, cuss words, and the kind of fallen-from-grace sort of building display brilliance and creativity unmatched by anything in the known universe. Just as the slowest and the oldest cheetahs should nevertheless deserve the praises for having great speed, the shabbiest people, spending one shabby day after another, doing their shabby work should all the same, be praised for their intelligence by a larger and wider standard. The difference between Einstein and a high school drop out is non-existence in the eyes of a monkey, dolphine, or a fish. But on the other hand, I would feel pity towards myself and my fellow human beings when their lives are examined under a different lense.

Sometimes I would watch TV in between sets during my workout, and there would be one monitor showing ESPN, with some black guy sweating his balls out with a pole just so he could out jump his opponents by a few inches. And on the monitor next to it, there would be some seemingly insignificant flea on Animal Planet, without even asserting energy, jump over objects that are 200 times over its height. Imagine if humans have the potentials to jump that high. Even the oldest and sickest of us all would have the ability to leap over the Statue of Liberty with ease. And then I would feel obtuse, ridiculous, and hopeless for attempting to become stronger and faster, for even the most athletic human beings pale in comparison to the power and speed of many other creatures on the planet.

What did I do to deserve being locked inside this bald, weak, and slow body? Nothing at all. But then again, for most people, sense of desperation, depression, envy, jealousy and misunderstanding only comes when you compare yourself to people who are around you, and who are within your own league…people like your neighbors, classmates or coworkers.

We are jealous of our friends and co-workers if they are just a little bit richer than us, but lose very little sleep over how rich Steve Jobs or Michael Jordan is. I would rather live in a world where I make 10 bucks a day and everyone else makes 9 than in a world where I make 20 a day and everybody else makes 50. I see a lot of kids playing their hearts out on the basketball court at health clubs, and I used to wonder why they even bother to try, for it is obvious that people in the NBA, even the worse players, could kick their asses with minimum efforts.

And then I realized that the reason why they feel significant upon winning is because they are beating people within their own league from their own world, playing against people who are wearing the same shoe sizes as themselves. If I was beaten by Michael Jordan, I probably wouldn’t feel half as bad if I was beaten by that teammate of mine who was always competing with me for playing time…even though Michael Jordan would shed a lot more blood out of me.

But sometimes it helps to widen your scope, and compare yourself to members of other leagues or of other species. But such act of comparison can also be a double edged sword, as you can easily be discouraged when you are looking at the situation from the opposite direction.

The goal is to become as aesthetic as possible while caring about the body less and less. I think I’m definitely more attached to my body when I first started lifting weights.

For a lot of people it’s the opposite. The better you look and the longer you lift, the more your identity is ingrained onto your body. But it should be the other way around because the better your physique is, the harder it is for you to maintain it, not to mention the older you are getting. Each day that you are growing bigger and becoming more shredded is actually bringing you closer to losing it.
And the more you enjoy your body and all the pleasure it brings, the more pain it’ll cause you later…very much like coming down from a drug high.

Then you get stuck in this meat wall for the rest of your life where you can’t see anything else beyond…kinda like those really hot high school girls that never bothered to pick up a book or a skill because they could get (away with) anything they wanted by their looks alone. Now their husbands are banging younger sloots and they are too old to do anything else but watch and wait for virtual reality to save them.

The body should be treated and sculpted as if it’s a cocoon. Something you gain to lose. Once you complete it, you should use it as a vehicle or a ladder, to eject your spirit so it can climb on top of Mt Olympus to join Zyzz. I’m not saying stop lifting. In fact, lift harder than ever because you can only transcend/let go of something after you’ve thoroughly attained it.

There is a reason why people snap their fingers at you and tell you to “snap out of it”. According to zen master Dogen’s fable, there are 65 distinct segments of time within a snap of finger, and with 6400099980 moments a day, each one provides an opportunity to turn your life around.

Sometimes I would indulge in negative thoughts and it would feel like I’m watching porn or binging on alcohol because it can be just as addictive and destructive. Yes, the mind is every human being’s choice of drug. But thought is ultimately immaterial, and unlike catching AIDS or having already eaten enough pizza to gain fat, you can give your mind a clean slate on any given moment. No matter how deep you are spiraling inward, the simple acknowledgement of this very fact immediately creates a gap and breaks the train of thought to bring you back to present reality. If the thoughts don’t come to a halt, at least this awareness allows you to observe them from the ‘outside’. Sometimes when I do this, I can literally feel an electrical shock running through my whole body and instantly my world becomes brighter and more clear. ‘Enlightenment’ shouldn’t be perceived as a state of mind that can only be accessed by a few individuals who are willing to climb the Himalayas. It’s something that is attained moment by moment, and it’s located at the core of every human being, available to you, right here, right now, and every nano moment is an opportunity to take it, or at least realign yourself to the right path.


As paradoxical as it sounds, I think in some sense It is quite difficult for an artist to become fully realized – to reach his full creative potential because he is too obsessed with form.

A lot of artists and writers are actually quite ‘closed minded’ and judgmental. They have this aesthetic Nazi mentality that their shit in this corner of the gallery smells better and looks more beautiful than yours in that corner, and their desire to create is the result of their attempt to prove this belief.

So in that sense the process of creating something can arise out of a ‘violent’ gesture; A restlessness in the ego that creates a sort of ‘fragmentation of thought’, thus leading to fragmentation of the world. Artists often attempt to criticize this fragmentation with their art without self-consciously realizing that they are creating from the same fabric of fragmentation they are critiquing…like holding up a broken mirror to itself to create a meta distortion of reality. Or that through their creation artists can finally fill a void inside themselves or make the world more ‘whole’, when in fact the opposite effect turns out to be the case.

Artists also tend to form a kind of worldly attachment to the work they produce – identifying their sense of self with the objects they produce. Or watch their artistic intentions become contaminated with external motivational factors like money, fame, and sex. Their egos get bruised when people critique their art, not realizing that who they truly are are NOT the objects they create. Not saying one category is better than the other, but analogously speaking artists are like the bodybuilders of the mental realm (while bodybuilders are obsessed with the physical form of their own bodies, artists are obsessed with the mental/thought-form of their own minds)… while physicists, mathematicians, and mystics are the powerlifters who are after numbers and unseen forces.

Ironically, as one’s consciousness expands, she actually feels less of a need to create anything outside herself because the subject/object dichotomy is erased and transcended. The intrinsic urge to create presupposes a separation between Self and Others/World. So perhaps there is (personal) creativity, and then there’s (Cosmic/’divine’) Creativity. The latter is the creative energy itself – the universal source deep within our beings where all power resides; aka pure consciousness/Cosmic mind.

The former is the process of drawing from the Creative energy to manifest an idea and brings it forward to the material world. But once you become (enlightened to) this energy – the void that has the creative potential to give rise to the entire universe, every slice of your life manifests itself as your highest form of art. Everything you touch turns into gold. You don’t have to try to be creative when you are Creativity itself; when you are (both the source and the product) of your very own creation.

ps. This kind of reminds me of my high school friend who desperately wants to be more “athletic “, and jump higher so picked up playing basketall and took it seriously. What he didn’t realize was that people who have the highest vertical jumps are actually Olympic lifters.

There are many manifestations of addiction but ultimately there is only one – the Addiction to the Self. Every line, drag, shot, vagina, cup, post, hamburger and lift is there to serve and fulfill the illusionary and forever incomplete story of “me”. Solution? Kill the self/ego and you’ll cure all addictions at once. But then again, to be human is to be addicted. So be it. just fuck it up.


People say break up makes bodybuilders. But I think being in a relationship makes better ones. And you know how a lot of people, after they get into a relationship or get married they let themselves go and get really fat?

It should be the opposite. Without those single nights to fry your CNS and not having the courage to bring your own prep meals or count macros on tinder dates, being in a relationship can be a great opportunity to make as much gains as you can…if the other partner is also motivated to train.

We train together, harder than ever to prepare each other for next potential mates so they can be stronger and more aesthetic than what we have/are now.

It’s probably the best thing you can do for each other to ease the pain and speed up the moving on process after you go on your separate ways. At least you’ll have something to show for. You don’t want to look back on your relationships and all you can think of are Netflix, beer, pizza, tears, cum, lies and some disposable and intangible bs like birth day cards and fragmented memories. You need something harder, more wholesome and solid. Like 15 pounds of lean muscle mass.

If you look at it from a broader and more realistic perspective, the partner you have right now is most likely not going to be your last, and dating is all about practicing and preparing your angus for The One (if you believe there is. I don’t. I believe in many ones with small o).

So encourage each other. Remind each other that nothing lasts forever. Life is short and you’re not getting younger. Use each other to get better, but always with love and respect. Ps. This post applies to mental and spiritual gains. Be sure to meditate and read together too. 🙏🏿💪🏻


In the previous post, wrote about the trajectory of the body, how it gets pulled to a point of aesthetic singularity (who zyzz was the ideal embodiment of).

I think the mind also has a unified trajectory. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are going towards the right place you’ll end up in the same ‘place’. I’ve spoken to a few fellow travelers, and we are all going through similar phases of transcendence and transformation.

First there’s the obsession with the physical/aesthetic form – bodybuilding, sports, making money, eating a large variety of vaginas and so on (kicking off the reptilian brain).A friend puts it, one has to first “suck the world dry” before you can leave it behind. Sufferings like death of a family and losing loved ones also come with the package.

Then comes the identification with mental form – knowledge and thoughts, fundamental religious practices. Starting with material science like (evolutionary) biology, physics, neuroscience, psychology and philosophy. Clinging onto categorical mental attributes like rationality and IQ points for self-identification and self-affirmation.

Nofap, experimentation with drugs like psychedelics are also crucial cornerstones in a lot of people’s journey, and they can be embedded somewhere in between the mental and the physical.

Finally there is the part where you go beyond the mind to flip it upside down -roll it around like a tire – from being enslaved by it to becoming its master (which I’m nowhere near).Through practices like yoga and meditation, we attempt to reach into infinity, arriving at a point of nowhere – the Way,void/pure consciousness/Cosmic-mind/Brahman/Dao.

Not that any of those steps are required in that order to reach enlightenment, but I’ve seen people who don’t have the basic stepping stones getting deeper into spirituality and ending up in muddled water, resulting in cultish, religious, and psychotic behaviors because they lack base – proper tool or faculty to analyze the direction of their journeys.

Not that one can’t go back to previous phases either. In fact all of these phases can and will overlap, and be carried out in your practice in parallel and comparative fashion.
Some people ask me if I still have sex, now that I talk about meditation more than masturbation.

Some people ask me if I still have sex, now that I talk about meditation more than masturbation. Of course. I fap and have sex just as much. But the difference is that now I only think about sex when I have sex, whereas before I think about it almost 24 7…except when I’m actually having sex.

(That’s when I think about whether I’m hopping on the stair master or the treadmill for cardio afterwards, or replaying the repetitive hand motion of brushing my teeth in my mind). There is however, a major difference between the mental and the physical Omega point.

Sometimes they can even be contradicting pulls, as we all know ego-driven endeavors like bodybuilding can hinder spiritual progress

The physical singularity condenses, and moves towards harder, more refined and concrete form (a point), while the mental singularity is one of infinite expansion into the nothingness that is everything.


Zyzz as Singularity.

When I see muscles, I don’t think of anything physical like protein, gym, weights, or even the idea of masculinity. I think of something far more abstract – namely Time itself.

Muscles (gains) are time fossilized and condensed into something very dense and concrete from the habits of the past. Like time, there is an arrow – a direction in which muscles are moving and growing towards, and manifested in form. Or rather, they are being pulled into some type of Omega point/ singularity in which all different types of physiques seek to converge.

This is your Platonic Aesthetics – the idealized physique that exists outside of space and time. A heavenly perfection that can never be achieved by mortals (yet we try our best to). Zyzz came close to this singularity during his lifetime, which is why people looked up to him as some sort of deity. He must have realized this himself, even if subconsciously, and maybe that is why he named himself Zyzz; The Son of Zeus.

After he died, he is transformed into an idea and a symbol…partly by nature, and partly by Chestbrah,Jeff Seid and the Internet. And by existing only inside our minds, he drew himself ever closer to the Platonic Aesthetics (which if you read the Republic, Socrates repeatedly suggests that any type of Form that exists as a Whole in the heavens can only be accessed by our mental apparatus). The next post will be on the trajectory of the mind’s transformation.


It irritates me just slightly when people say you should love someone FOR WHO THEY ARE and not judge them from their physical appearance. But what you look like from the outside is the direct manifestation of your thoughts, desires, and intentions.

In fact, what you look like might tell other people more about who you are than what your thoughts can do. Thoughts are elusive, slippery, and can be altered and hidden very easily from a moment to moment basis. Assholes can very quickly turn into gentlemen when they see someone they want to fuck and get away with it until he gets it.

However, if you are obese by choice, that’s an unhealthy state of mind that is embodied in thick, oily fat that unlike consciousness, is non-elusive, rigid, and immutable. Good luck trying to tug all that inside your skull right before you see someone you like.


For the Greeks, ideas are spirits that come to you, and not something you possess. So the person creating is not a genius but more like a ‘genie’, or a mid-wife; To deliver and manifest disembodied ideas to the material world. It is not until the Renaissance that creators take center stage, when man decided that he was going to be the measure of all things.

The genie comes and goes, and the only thing you can do is work on your craft everyday, get the vessel that is your cosmic vagina in good shape to allow the next one to come and spread his more fertile seeds.

“Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work”. – Chuck Close.

This shift in perception leaves the creator less vulnerable. If you get praised, then your ego won’t get so big that it gets in the way of the next inspirations. If you create something bad you won’t take your failure too personally. Because ultimately, no thoughts are truly yours. Consciousness is collective.



she is one of the most innocent people I’ve ever met. Yet she’s the most sexual. How can this be ? It’s neither a paradox nor a contradiction. She is innocent and pure because like a child, she naively follows the course of (her) nature. Sexuality is a fundamental force of nature, and that energy simply flows through her without filter. That’s why fucking her is so great. It’s like dipping your penis into the entire universe, and being the empty vacuum she is, it’s effortless for her to suck your soul dry.


I weigh the same in both pictures. The left is 2005 when I was still a virgin. But my weight has fluctuated about 20 times since then.
I remember when I used to train for relative strength, I would lift heavy, gain weight, and then lose it again and again. I would go up to as much as 175 pounds and keep going back to the 156 – 161, and each time I’m at that weight range I would be a little stronger, run faster and jump higher than the last time I was at the same weight.
Maybe the same method/process of renewal and weight cycling could be applied to aesthetics. When I got really ripped last year I was only 154-157 but I look much ‘bigger’ and more aesthetic than the last time I was at this weight. So perhaps weight is just an illusion. A number you shouldn’t cling on to. If I have eternity to achieve aesthetic perfection through this type of transcendence I would eventually weigh only 21 grams, (which they say is the weight of the soul) but finally looking like Arnold in his prime.



On Why Time Accelerate As We Age and Each Year Feels Shorter. 為什麼時間越變越快

cliff: When we are younger, each slice of time is relatively larger. Each new experience is more signiificant.

They say that after you reach the age of 20, your life is half way over psychologically. This means the duration of your life, or the visceral and the subjective perception you have of how much time has passed by, goes by quicker as we age. The last 1/4 of your life is supposed to go by quicker than the previous 3/4 of it, and THAT would go by quicker than the first 1/4 of it, and so on.
Time is like a snowball that’s rolling down a hill, the more it travels, the faster it roll.Why does time seem to accelerate as we age? Part of the reason is because when we are older , we fail to be stimulated by new stimuli. When we are kids, everything we experience is new and novel. There are always new stimuli that are coming into our brains daily to stimulate our perception and cognition.
When we are constantly learning new things and are bombarded by new information and stimuli, time seems to slow down due to the brain’s need to process all the new information that is filling up its spatial-temporal dimension. Also, when we are children, our lives are filled with “boring moments” that seem to slow time down, like the way you sit in classrooms and wonder when the bell is going to go off. Our lives are also less routine-like and more unpredictable, and with unpredictability, time seems to slow down due to the way the brain takes its time to respond to and process novel situations and information. But when we grow older, we tend to live our lives through routine after routine and that nothing seems new anymore.
Time speeds up when we are more less used to everything that is happening around us. When every week/day/month is indistinguishable from each other and as predictable as the next, we lose the sense of time as it disappears and dissolves in the back of our consciousness. You know how when you drive down a new road, it always seems to feel like it takes longer to drive to the new destination than on the drive back? I think the same concept of new stimuli vs. old stimuli can be applied here.

When you drive towards a new destination, every little thing around you is registered into your brain because your brain automatically becomes more alert during new situations in case there are dangers to be avoided. But the situation becomes less novel when you drive on a road that you’ve already driven on before; your brain relaxes because it knows that there is probably not going to be any danger, so it no longer needs to process all that information that it has already processed. The brain is an efficient organ, and when it doesn’t need to do any work, it relaxes in order to save calories and energy. When the brain relaxes and stops processing every little detail in the environment, you tend to lose the sense of time. I’m looking at the first couple of decades of my life like the drive TO the new destination, and it’s kind of sad to think this way, but the rest of my life is going to seem like a drive BACK from an arrived destination if I don’t continue to experience/learn new things and find new stimulants to keep my brain busy adapting and processing new information.Also, as we get older, the ‘blocks’ of time we experience become smaller and smaller. If I am only 2 years old, then is year accounts for half of my life. If I am 1000 years old, this year is only 1/1000 of my life, which perceptually passes a lot quicker.So how do you stretch time out like a blanket? I think the simplest way to extend our life is to find new experiences and new stimuli for our brain to process and adapt to. Moving to a new country or going on a vacation to a place you’ve never been before can certainly slow time down. During my vacation days the first few days always seem a lot slower because of all the new information that my brain is taking time to process. Or we can simply be more attentive to our present environments by squeezing more experiences and stimuli out of this mortal coil and pay attention to all the little details in the world. As humans we live in the future as future oriented animals. Our minds project themselves into the future automatically with our bodies playing catch-up. During a movie we are always thinking about the ending or the dessert we are having.

Or when we are working or going to school during the week we are always looking forward to or planning the weekend. This future oriented consciousness that we have is both a blessing as well as a punishment. We are able to plan things ahead and accomplish a lot of the things that animals fail to accomplish simply by projecting our consciousness into the future. But a lot of our misery also comes at the expense of this future-oriented attitude, as most of our worries are worries and fears about the events in the future and its uncertainties. So what we can do to slow down time is simply to try to unfold our consciousness back into the present. There are just too many things that we are not paying attention to in our everyday surroundings. I can name hundreds of things that my selective attention is filtering out at this given moment that I can be contemplating about to slow down time… and that is exactly what I am going to do now.