There is only consciousness and everything else we know about reality is a belief, and all beliefs are equally untrue.

This is the mother of truth that can never be disputed. Nobody can make an objective proof that reality exists outside of consciousness because every experience arises through as perception, and all perception (including thoughts, which are perceptions of the mind), are homogenous. When you look at your feet, you are looking at a perception of your feet, and not at the feet themselves.

It makes no difference whether you believe the world is a video game or that it was created in 7 days or if there was a Big Bang. Or if there is a brain that’s generating these experiences, or if there is an immaterial soul inside the body which the experiences are arising from. I’m no longer interested in these distinctions because they weigh equal value in the dualistic paradigm, which consciousness is completely outside of. The identity of FY is just another idea/perception/belief, which is fundamentally no different from my perception of anybody or anything else that arises through consciousness. There is only one attribute to consciousness – the I AM-ness, which can only be experienced on the moment to moment basis subjectively, and it is the only thing you can be certain of, and everything else is pure speculation; beliefs, stuff you read, or things other people have told you.

What I’m saying here isn’t new. In the West we might call it Idealistic Solipsism, and is the base that the entire Eastern philosophy rests on. But just to be clear, everything that I’m saying here isn’t a philosophy, it’s not a belief, it’s not a spiritual or religious doctrine, it might seem like it because I’m using words to describe something that could only be understood if you stop, look, and see it for yourself.

I understood this intellectually, but never really “believed” it. But through meditation, this new paradigm is starting to be ingrained in the cellular and experiential level of my being, and I feel 10 x more free, more happy, more lucid. There is really is nothing more to understand. Now I can finally enjoy life and experience it as it is, not as what I think it is. Now i can finally BE, without jumping from identification to identification; Am I a bodybuilder or a violinist? artists or jackass? Those thoughts drove me insane until I realized that I’m none of these things. I exist, I am real, but not as a body or a mind, or even as a human being, but as an infinite field of nothingness that I share with you, my dog, and the rest of the universe.


Simulation, “I”

no self 2

Recently, there’s been a lot of speculations amongst serious scientists and thinkers about the possibility of us living inside the Matrix. Sure, the whole world might be a simulation, but I think the biggest simulation is not ‘out there’, but ‘in here’ – manifested as a program of conditioning called the “Self”. The notion that there’s an “I” running our life could be the biggest piece of fiction in the history of mankind.

The “I” is nothing more than a perception; a linguistic and conceptual construct/label. Human beings are composed of bundles of memories, thoughts, emotions, sensations arising and passing away moment by moment without an owner to claim any of these blobs. There isn’t anything in our neur-circutry that can specifically be attributed to an “I”, and from the experiential perspective, there is no specific location inside you that can be pinpointed to be the center of the self.

You begin by asking yourself, “Who Am I”?

The mind will automatically supply you with an answer (I am me!, or I am Frank Yang)

But those answers are just thoughts, no different from any other thought that arises through the same space in consciousness that everything you think about or perceive arises from (table, chair, cat, dog). A thought can’t think another thought into existence, much less claiming it to be its own. Just because the label “I” is attached to a thought, it doesn’t make it more substantial or important. Trying to look for yourself by breaking down and stripping away everything that you think is “you” or “yours” is like pealing off layers of an union and revealing nothingness at its core.

When looking out into the world, “seeing” happens, but there’s no seer. Life doesn’t need a seer, it just happens all by itself in a stream of unbroken Whole. Thoughts simply emerge, flowing through your awareness the way the wind blows and the tree grows, and there’s simply no solid entity behind the thoughts generating and controlling them. Even when you feel like you’re controlling a thought or an action, it’s just another thought being perceived, one that arises on its own, out of nowhere. In other words, there is no thinker apart from the thoughts themselves.

People usually have an averse reactions when they hear this; without the “I”, life would be purposeless because you wouldn’t have the passion or the drive to do anything. But this is just the ego fucking with your head, trying to preserve itself to keep the program running. Without the “I” putting the brake on, life becomes more free and efficient.

Emotions can be felt more deeply. Anger would arise and pass much more quickly when you don’t cling on to them as something that is personal. Nothing is ever personal, and you are not angry. There is only the sensation of anger that’s naturally passing through. Pleasant sensations would be experienced at a much more purified and intensified level. You can’t sustain an erection. Why? Because you’re too self-conscious. Thoughts like “what would she think of me”, “I want an erection” is exactly why you can’t get hard. When you are trying too hard to be a “fucker”, there is no room for fucking to unfold. When the Buddha said, find your true-self, or to ‘Know Thyself’ it simply means seeing clearly that there was never one to begin with.

cliff: You exist, you are real, but not as a body or a brain, or even as a human being, but as an infinite field of nothingness (that everything else arises from), it’s the universal, eternal, non-dual substance I share with you, my dog, and the rest of the cosmos. And note that all the words here are fingers fingering the void, but not the void itself. This is not a philosophy nor a belief. It’s not a scientific theory. And it’s not a religious doctrine. It’s an invitation for you to answer the most fundamental question of existence (Who are you?) by empirically investigation on the only thing you can be certain of – the immediate experience of your own consciousness.